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Federal State Leadership Grant Competition - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 

Answers to questions the Pennsylvania Department of Education has received in regard to the grant competition appear below. This page will be updated regularly to reflect new questions and answers. 

Page last updated: March 25, 2021 

Can you please clarify if the Program Manager in the Technology grant is required to be a full time employee of the grantee agency? In the EGRANT Program Contact Information, there is a question asking if the individual is a full time employee of the grantee agency.  In section 204.1 of the Adult Education & Family Literacy Guidelines does indicate that the program administrator must be a full-time employee of the grantee agency, however, I was not sure if that was referring to direct service programs or the state leadership projects as well.  

The requirement in section 204.1 of the Adult Education and Family Literacy Guidelines does not apply to the federal state leadership projects

Should the Federal State Leadership MIS/eData Tech Support application include calculating adult education agency performance outcomes and preparing associated spreadsheets?

Yes. This would fall under the activity “Assist the division in the use of data for program monitoring and evaluation.”

I need to be able to login to the subject application portal for submissions due 3/26/2021. Please provide instructions as to creating a login/password.

Contact your entity's eGrants Agency User Administrator to create the necessary login and roles for you.

Unfortunately, I had [the agency head] sign off on our grant applications in eGrants before entering in the Agency/LEA information. Would you be able treturn this submission to me so I can complete that section as required?

Only entities that are awarded a grant contract after review and scoring of the grant applications complete the Funding Accountability and Transparency Data section. That section is completed during the grant contract approval process.