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CEC Requirements and Objectives  

Funding Source:  State Funds

Grant Program Name:  Community Education Council

Deadline for Applications for New CEC Status:  May 11 of each year

Other Current Information:  

Program Objectives:
The community education councils identify, implement and oversee new or innovative efforts to provide access to post-secondary education opportunities in educationally underserved communities within Pennsylvania. The community education councils serve their communities across the Commonwealth by assessing the education and training needs of their community and partnering with providers to offer educational programs. Offerings may include programs, courses or classes leading to professional, vocational or occupational certification or licensure, degrees, GED preparation, skill development or skill enhancement for the community workforce and customized job training for community employers. Community education councils serve as a vehicle for workforce development, which meet the community's current and future economic development needs.  Councils are required to remain institutionally neutral and have no exclusive legal affiliation with any provider of postsecondary education.  Community education councils are generally found in rural areas where access to higher education is limited.

New Applicant Requirements: 
New applicants wishing to apply for the Commonwealth Community Education Council Grant need to submit a Proposal Letter stating an interest in achieving the objectives listed above. A brief abstract needs to be provided describing how the stated objective will be met and the dollar amount requested to accomplish the objectives. The Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education will review the abstract to determine if an invitation will be given to submit a complete application. Following their review, notification to proceed or not to proceed with the application for grant submission will be made.  In order for a community education council to be awarded a grant, the following must be established by the organization:  Registered as a non-profit organization with the Pennsylvania Department of State, governed by a community-based board of directors, have a Federal Employer Identification Number, and utilize a separate and distinct financial accounting system.  Letters of intent should be emailed to prior to May 11 for consideration during the next grant cycle.

Eligible Entities and/or Partners: 
Existing Community Education Councils and newly formed Community Education Councils are eligible to apply.

Method of Distribution:
Funds are distributed by invitation only to eligible entities.