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Higher Education Reporting

Colleges, universities, and other postsecondary institutions are required by numerous statutes to submit annual reports on several topics to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. These mandatory reports are consolidated into a single form to facilitate compliance with reporting requirements in one submission. 

The next deadline for reporting is March 1, 2024. ASEP reporting is due January 15, 2024. 

Assurances of compliance are required for the following statutes. Please note that not all institutions are required to report on all the items listed below. The assurance-of-compliance form will self-populate based on the individual institution's category (such as in-state college, university, or seminary; Education Enterprise; or Private Licensed School). 

Article XX-G Sexual Violence Education at Institutions of Higher Education 

The Article: Act 55 of 2022 

The Letter: Article XX-G Dear Colleague Letter  (PDF) 

Uniform Crime Reporting Act 

The Act: Uniform Crime Reporting Act (PDF) 

The Regulations: 22 Pa. Code Chapter 33

English Fluency in Higher Education Act 

The Act: English Fluency in Higher Education Act (PDF) 

Annual Survey of Educational Programs (ASEP) 

The ASEP is to be submitted to the Division of Higher and Career Education on its respective due date. 

The Regulation: 22 Pa. Code § 31.23 – Program Database 

Requirements: § 31.23 Program 

Due Date: January 15 annually 

Higher Education Gift Disclosure Act 

The Act: Higher Education Gift Disclosure Act (PDF) 

Higher Education Gift Disclosure Form 2022-23 (PDF) 

Note: Form is submitted only if gifts are reportable.  

Graduation Rates for Colleges (Act 88 of 2002) 

The Act: Act 88 of 2002 (PDF) 

Note: Currently does not apply to 2-year institutions or seminaries. 

Annual Student Loan Summary Notification (Act 121 of 2018) 

The Act: Act 121 of 2018

Guidelines for Annual Student Loan Summary Notification (PDF)

Fostering Independence Through Education (Act 16 of 2019 (Article XXVI-K)) 

The Act: Act 16 of 2019

Learn more about the Fostering Independence Tuition Waiver Program 

Reporting Website 

The Higher Education Rep​orting Website is independent and not ingrained with MyPDESuite. The assurance-of-compliance form will NOT be found in MyPDESuite and is not accessible via Keystone Login. To access the assurance-of-compliance form, institutions must use their PA Login information. To register a new username and login, please visit Register a Username and complete the online registration form. 

For additional information about the above reports, please contact:

Division of Higher Education, Access, and Equity
Phone 717.783.6786 |