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​​​Host Site Requirements for Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Practitioner Training Course


Large enough to accommodate tables and comfortable chairs for at least 21 students. In the front of the classroom, there must be a table for the instructor and sufficient space for audio/visual equipment. A large projection screen (minimum of 5 feet by 6 feet) must be provided at the front of the room.  A white board is needed, if unavailable a flip chart will suffice.  Markers for use with the white board should also be available.  ILEE instructors must be provided access to the classroom at least 1 hour prior to the starting time of the class. The host facility must provide a locked area or room for the secure overnight storage of Commonwealth equipment and materials. Coffee should be made available for students throughout the course. Other refreshments may be provided, if so desired.

Volunteer Drinker Dosing Room

Room must be large enough to accommodate at least 14 persons comfortably with tables and chairs.

Room's location should prevent the drinking volunteers from interfering with classroom activities.


Must be provided near the dosing area, and separate from the one(s) utilized by the public or the students.

If there are both male and female volunteer drinkers, two restrooms must be available that are not readily accessible to the public or the students.

Practice Area

If the classroom is not large enough to allow an unobstructed area of approximately 10' by 15' for each volunteer drinker, an additional area in the same building must be available for the second and third days of the course. Drinkers must be able to access the area without the use of stairs.

Volunteer Drinkers

Ten drinkers will be needed for the second training day.

Volunteer drinkers must arrive at the training course by 8:00 a.m. for the 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. training course, and shall remain until each has a BAC less than 0.08.



Volunteers are encouraged to eat a light breakfast (no eggs, bacon, butter, or other greasy/fatty foods) and refrain from consuming alcohol for 24 hours prior to the exercise.

Officers attending should try to obtain one drinker for either day two of the training. Any drinkers obtained by the host will cover the drinker requirement for the host agency officers and any other officers that may be unable to obtain a drinker. If ten drinkers for each day are not acquired two weeks prior to the class, it may have to be canceled.

Student/host must screen all drinker applications to assure that they meet the requirements stipulated for all drinker volunteers. Applicants who note they will be on any type of prescription drug which may affect alcohol consumption or effects CANNOT BE USED as a volunteer drinker. Please refer all questions about specific drugs to ILEE.

All volunteers must be provided transportation to and from the training site by either the host or student. Drinkers will not be allowed to drive from the site and will not be released to a responsible party until their BAC level is below a 0.08%.

Drinking Supplies

Estimated alcohol - 16 ounces per drinker. Dosing alcohol must be only 80 proof. Although clear liquors such as vodka are best to avoid gastric upset, other 80 proof liquors are permitted such as rum and whiskey. No wine or beer will be used.


Orange juice and cranberry juice are the preferred mixers, as they have a small amount of food content and tend to make the morning drinking more palatable. Soda and water mixers are also permissible.

Other Required Supplies

16 oz. plastic cups, stirrers, paper towels, ice cubes, a cooler or ice dispenser, and snacks such as pretzels, potato chips and popcorn.

A television, playing cards, and/or board games are recommended as a diversion for the volunteers.


Volunteer drinkers are not permitted to eat until the practical exercise has been completed. At that time food such as pizza, sandwiches, etc. should be provided. This will be about 3:30 p.m. The exact time can be supplied by the dosing supervisor at each class.

Weapons are not permitted in the classroom, dosing room or practice area during the second day of the SFST Practitioner course in order to assure the safety of the class members and the volunteers.

Please contact ILEE at 717-657-4219 to discuss any concerns or problems in meeting the above requirements.