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Advanced and Technical Analysis Collision Investigation

Course Number: CL-303
Course Length: 10 Days (80 Hours)

The second of the three levels of core traffic collision investigation courses. This course is designed for the experienced police officer, supervisor or traffic homicide investigators who has collision investigation training and is proficient in collision investigation and evidence gathering, measuring, scaling diagramming and obtaining minimum speed from skid marks. Applicants for this course must have successfully completed the On-Scene/Homicide by Vehicle Collision Investigation training course or equivalent training from a recognized training institution.

The course curriculum includes the following:

  1. Speed/Velocity Equations
  2. Time and Distance Evaluation Methodology
  3. Pedestrian Studies
  4. Vehicle Acceleration Studies
  5. Diagramming
  6. Basic Motorcycle Collision Investigation
  7. Basic Commercial Vehicle Collision Investigation
  8. Field Projects
  9. Lamp Examination
  10. Tire Examination
  11. Vehicle Dynamics
  12. Human Factors

(Prerequisite - On-Scene/Homicide by Vehicle Collision Investigation)

white car jumping ramp