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​​Course Site Requirements

Non-Collision Courses

The trainin​g programs require the host agency to provide the following equipment/facilities for all non-collision related training programs:

  1. Private, air-conditioned classroom area that will accommodate the number of registered students. (Guidelines and suggestions may be obtained from the Institute staff.)
  2. Ample individual table/desk space for each student
  3. Chalkboard or whiteboard (Upon instructor request)
  4. Large projector screen
  5. Ample free parking for all students and instructors

Collision Related Courses

The Collision Investigation training courses require the host agency to provide some added equipment and/or special classroom needs. The Institute staff will work directly with the host contact officer to clarify the requirements well in advance of the training date.

  1. Same classroom requirements as non-collision courses
  2. Students require large desks or wide tables to accommodate the large amount of books, materials and working projects
  3. Large projector screen
  4. Chalkboard or whiteboard
  5. On Scene Course: Requires vehicle (both standard braking system and ABS) to be skidded during the second week of the course. A safe and appropriate area to conduct the skid testing. Additional information regarding these requirements can be obtained from the Institute staff.
  6. Advanced Collision: Requires the use of a junkyard or collision repair facility during the second week. The site must have sufficient damaged vehicles to conduct crush measurements and analysis. Host contact should coordinate these requirements with the Institute staff well in advance of the training date.
  7. Collision Reconstruction: Requires the use of a safe and adequate paved surface area to jump (use of ramps provided by the Institute) a vehicle to demonstrate investigative procedures, etc. during the second week of the course. This will also require the host agency to obtain an older vehicle that can be use during these “jumps.”
    NOTE: This vehicle will be damaged during this training session and will need to be towed from the training site.

NOTE: Certain other specialty courses may require additional equipment or site needs. Those requirements will be coordinated with the host agency prior to the start of the course. For example, to host an SFST Course the host must be able to obtain a sufficient number of volunteer drinkers to assist during the training course.