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Enforcement of Pennsylvania Vehicle Inspection Regulations

Course Number: PA-602
Course Length: 2 Days (16 Hours)

This training program is designed to improve the police officer's skills and knowledge in the enforcement of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Inspection Regulations, as well as certain sections of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code regarding registration and oversized loads. Applicants for this course must be law enforcement officers with knowledge of the Vehicle Code.

The course curriculum includes in-depth presentations in the following:

  1. Title 75 (Vehicle Code) Part I - Definitions
  2. Title 75 (Vehicle Code) Part II - Chapter 13: Registration
  3. Title 75 (Vehicle Code) Part IV - Chapter 41: Equipment Standards
  4. Title 75 (Vehicle Code) Part IV - Chapter 43: Lighting Equipment
  5. Title 75 (Vehicle Code) Part IV - Chapter 49: Size, Weight and Load
  6. Title 75 (Vehicle Code) Part IV - Chapter 61: Power of Department/Local Authorities
  7. Title 75 (Vehicle Code) Part V - Chapter 63: Enforcement
  8. Title 67 (Inspection/Regulations) - Introduction, Suspension, Braking Systems, Lighting, Chassis, Windshield, Mirrors, Speedometer, Definitions, Steering, Tires/Wheels, Exhaust, Body, Window Tinting, Glazing and Warning Systems