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​Managing Your Youth's Emotions When You're Stressed

Navigating our daily world as adults involves differing levels of stress that can affect our ability to help youth in our lives address their emotions. This need was highlighted during the pandemic, which brought out strong emotions in all ages, but is not unique to the pandemic. Family stress, work stress, health concerns, relationships, financial stress, and many other daily stressors can affect our ability to address the emotional needs of youth while also addressing our own emotions. The resources on this page are provided to assist families, educators, and community members in having conversations with youth while also managing their own emotions.

Coping With Emotions During Stressful Times

As families move to find ways to support their children's learning, it is important to recognize that not all families have the resources or opportunities to be involved in remote or in-person learning in a consistent manner. It is vital for families to engage in conversations with their children's teachers and that schools encourage open communication with families. Building strong communication between schools and families will help develop and maintain strong relationships vital for student and family success.

Resources on managing emotions for youth​