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​Self-Care Resources

When high levels of stress are present, it is important to find ways to engage in self-care, both at a systems level and at an individual level.

Self-care involves any action during the day that helps maintain a feeling of calm, balance, and wellness (e.g. setting boundaries, mindfulness, movement breaks, self-advocacy).

Individual self-care is any intentional action that is done by an individual to take care of their own mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. While individual self-care is vital to maintaining balance in life, individuals do not exist in a vacuum. This is why community self-care is also important. Community self-care are intentional actions done by community members to take care of the community they live in by leveraging their privilege to be there for others. A community can include the community in which you reside, or your school community.

Often, the events of daily life take over the intentions of engaging in self-care. This is why self-care planning can help to ensure self-care practices occur. These pages were designed to assist individuals and school communities with addressing self-care and self-care planning, and promoting a feeling of balance.