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During stage one of the school climate improvement process (Readiness), schools form a team or engage an existing team in learning about and spearheading school climate improvement activities. The team initially focuses on communication, visioning, and obtaining buy-in from staff and the school community. They then coordinate administration of school climate surveys and subsequent community engagement and action planning processes. The team sustains improvement efforts over time by monitoring and supporting implementation of school-level action plans and by using data to guide revisions to the plan.

Resources and information to support schools in the readiness phase are available below.

School Climate Action Improvement Guide for School Leaders
Improving school climate takes time and commitment from a variety of people in a variety of roles. The School Climate Action Improvement Guide for School Leaders (PDF), developed by the National Center on Safe and Supportive Learning Environments, outlines key action steps that school leaders can take to support school climate improvements.

National Implementation Research Network
The National Implementation Research Network uses the science and practice of implementation to help solve real world problems. They offer a range of resources on effective implementation of programs in schools.

Building Learning Communities with Character: Readiness
This chapter from Buil​ding Learning Communities with Character describes how issues of readiness can impact efforts to address social and emotional learning in the school, an underlying feature of school climate improvement. It provides practical information for those leading improvement processes.