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​Data Reports

The Safe Schools Online Application serves as a data collection vehicle, content distribution, and report repository for the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Office for Safe Schools.  Safe Schools, Student Assistance Program (SAP), and Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth (AEDY) data is collected annually and aggregated into an assortment of public and private reports.

The application provides public access to the Annual School Safety Reports collected on the Pennsylvania Management System (PIMS). Visit the Safe Schools Online Report.

Mandatory Reporting - Due Dates

Due Date Report
Bus Evacuation Drill and Security Drill ACS Reports**
Executed copy of your Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
Fire Drill ACS Report
School Security Drill ACS (included in the Fire Drill report)
Updated Bullying Policy (policies need to be reviewed/updated every three years)
Safe Schools ACS report

Beginning with the SY 21/22 the above mandated reporting sections are submitted through the Future Ready Comprehensive Planning (FRCPP) website.

Please contact Russ Alves at (717)783-6777 with any questions or if you need assistance submitting your reports.​