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Appendix B: Reporting Language Included in the Grant Award Notification (GAN)

As described in the Grant Award Notification (GAN), the SEA will comply with, and ensure that its LEAs comply with, all reporting requirements at such time and in such manner and containing such information as the Secretary may reasonably require, including on matters such as:

  • How the State is developing strategies and implementing public health protocols including, to the greatest extent practicable, policies and plans in line with the CDC guidance related to mitigating COVID-19 in schools;
  • Overall plans and policies related to State support for return to in-person instruction and maximizing in-person instruction time, including how funds will support a return to and maximize in-person instruction time, and advance equity and inclusivity in participation in in-person instruction;
  • Data on each school's mode of instruction (fully in-person, hybrid, and fully remote) and conditions;
  • SEA and LEA uses of funds to meet students' social, emotional, and academic needs, including through summer enrichment programming and other evidence-based interventions, and how they advance equity for underserved students;
  • SEA and LEA uses of funds to sustain and support access to early childhood education programs;
  • Impacts and outcomes (disaggregated by student subgroup) through use of ARP ESSER funding (e.g., quantitative and qualitative results of ARP ESSER funding, including on personnel, student learning, and budgeting at the school and district level);
  • Student data (disaggregated by student subgroup) related to how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected instruction and learning;
  • Requirements under the Federal Financial Accountability Transparency Act (FFATA); and
  • Additional reporting requirements as may be necessary to ensure accountability and transparency of ARP ESSER funds.