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Accelerated Learning Through An Integrated System of Support

As we plan for the 2021-22 school year, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), PA Intermediate Units (IUs) and Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN) provide this resource bank for school leaders with the goal of helping teachers, support staff, families, and students emerge from these unprecedented times and start a new school year stronger than ever and focused on accelerating learning .

To offer support, we turn our focus to these critical needs and opportunities and offer a new phase of the Roadmap: Accelerated Learning through an Integrated System of Support.

This new series provides a systematic process and technical support for school communities to make key decisions for the start of the new year. It introduces a Cycle of Continuous Improvement mindset that will lead to strategic vision, needs assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring, and adjusting. Most importantly, each system supports the success of the others.

Please select the bold headers to access resources and tools specific to each topic. 

The Accelerated Learning System

Cycle of Continuous Improvement 

Docus on High-Quality Academics Focus on High-Quality Academics
Define the instructional changes needed for the new school year and cultivate a thriving data culture to ensure every student has access to the instructional strategies, resources and supports necessary to successfully engage with and master grade-level content.

Foster Supportive Learning Environments Foster Supportive Learning Environments
Place equitable, trauma-informed principles at the core of planning to create a safe and inclusive space for learning, form positive and supportive relationships, and support students and staff mentally and socially recover.

Establish Healthy System Conditions

Establish Healthy System Conditions
Engage stakeholders across your education community to fully understand the needs of your system and respond with staffing, technology, scheduling and continuous improvement processes that create the conditions for acceleration of learning.

Design a System of Scaffolded Supports Design a System of Scaffolded Supports
Provide a continuum of evidence-based academic, behavioral, social, and emotional supports aligned with student needs.