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Standards Aligned System (SAS) Assessment Center

Visit the SAS Assessment Center.

Features and Functions

The Standards Aligned System (SAS) Assessment Center offers three useful options: Build an Assessment, Create an Assessment Item, and Check for Understanding. Each tool interfaces with the others so that once selected or teacher designed, assessment items can be integrated into a test or a Check for Understanding.

Build an Assessment

Users can build benchmark, formative, and summative assessments by searching the library of standards-aligned items or creating assessment items to add to the user’s library. Once created, assessments can be saved and redesigned as instruction as needs dictate. Customized assessments can be shared with colleagues to create a repository of common assessments.

Create an Assessment Item

A step-by-step process allows users to create customized assessment items.  These items can be incorporated into a teacher-made test, embedded in an assessment with SAS-selected items, or sent to students as a Check for Understanding.

Check for Understanding

Teachers can create an assessment that can be sent to students via a hyperlink.  As students complete the assessment, the teacher receives instant feedback on students’ performance.

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