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​Choose Instructional Delivery Model(s)

Once the worksheet from Section III is complete, it is critical for LEAs to decide what the instructional delivery model will be for each grade level. Using that worksheet, LEAs should fill out the instructional delivery model mock-ups linked at the beginning of this section. Equity is a critical lens in resource-constrained environments and should be at the forefront of every decision.  LEAs should consider the impact of instructional delivery model decisions on historically underserved populations and ways to mitigate potential impact from the model. For example, LEAs should consider unique instructional support needs of individual students, student and staff access to necessary materials required for remote learning, and which supports and services can be delivered effectively through remote modalities and which can only be delivered in-person.

This process is likely to be a dialog that takes some time, as LEAs review the implications of each element and consider a variety of hybrid options.

Based on the model outlined at the beginning of the worksheet, LEAs may need to create different mock-ups by grade level or school.  These mock-ups will help planning teams implement the model.  LEAs are also encouraged to create more than one mock-up based on potential changes to the outlook of the pandemic. As with Section III, a sample worksheet has been completed for purely illustrative purposes - all of the data in the examples are fictional.

This is a good juncture for an LEA to check that their communication plan has been updated and that all stakeholder groups are current on the plan.