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​Child Protec​​tive Services Law and Educator Discipline Act Overview

To access additional information on bills and amendments please use the Pennsylvania General Assembly website.

​Bill/Act​​​Effective DateDescription/URL
HB 726, Act 108 of 201312/31/2014

Amen​​​ds the definition of "child abuse" and related terms in the Child Protective Services Law.

HB 431, Act 31 of 201412/31/2014

Requires that lic​​ensing boards issue regulations to require that licensees who are mandated reporters of child abuse be trained on child abuse recognition and reporting.

HB 434, Act 45 of 201412/31/2014

Ensures ​that school employees are subject to the same investigations and held to the same standards as parents, child care workers and other perpetrators of child abuse.​

HB 436, Act 32 of 201412/31/2014

Expands and clarifies the list of mandated reporters of child abuse. This act als​​​o clarifies a mandated reporter's basis to report child abuse and enhances the penalty scheme for those who fail in this obligation.​​​​

SB 23, Act 117 of 201312/31/2014

Updates th​​​​e definition of perpetrator in the Child Protective Services Law.

​SB 30, Act 119 of 2013​7/1/2014

​​​​Establishes specific timelines for appeals for indicated cases of child abuse in juvenile detention facilities.

​SB 34, Act 120 of 2013​2/16/2014

Establishes a comprehensive system under which professional educators are investigated and disciplined for misconduct.​

​SB 21, Act 33 of 2014​12/31/2014

Clarifies who is a mandatory reporter of child abuse in Pennsylvania.

​SB 24, Act 29 of 201412/31/2014

Establishes a statewide Database of Protective Services within the Department of Human Services.

​SB 31, Act 44 of 2014​12/31/2014

​​​Provides that child abuse is investigated in the same manner for every report, regardless of the perpetrator.

​SB 33, Act 34 of 2014​4/15/2014

​Improves the exchange of child abuse information among medical practitioners, and county children and youth agencies.