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Areas of Focus
Program DirectorDr. Scott Kuren
Fiscal Budget
Office for Safe School Initiative Grants
Safe School Reporting
Emergency Planning Liaison Officer
Russell Alves
Act 138: Truancy and Attendance
Act 126: Child Abuse
Act 71:  Suicide Prevention and Child Exploitation
Act 39: Lead/Drinking Water
Student Assistance Program: Regional Coordinator/Inter-agency
Dr. Joseph Loccisano
Mental Health Lead
Alcohol and Other Drugs
Trauma Informed Practices
Student Assistance Program
Dr. Dana Milakovic
Act 44 & Act 55: School Safety and Security
Threat Assessments
Safe School Reporting

School Climate
Mental Health Support
Learning Environment
Bully Prevention
Rebecca Wallace
Safe School Reporting (FRCPP)
Product Specialist (IT)
Student Assistance Program Reporting
Jay Wasser
Learning Environment Consultant
School Safety Grant Partnership Management
Dr. Nikole Hollins-Sims