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Fire Drills Accuracy Certification Statement


Fire Drill data is reported via the Location Fact template during the Collection 6 Safe Schools (C6 Safe School – Fire 2016-17 ) reporting period. The reporting tool is a partially completed Excel version of the Location Fact template LEAs will upload to PIMS. 


The following LEA types are required to report:
  • Career and Technology Centers
  • Charter schools
  • Intermediate units
  • School districts  


LEAs are to enter or modify data only in these columns:
  • DATE
Changes made to other columns may invalidate the file.


The reporting tool consists of 12 rows for each location within the LEA. 
Each of the twelve rows corresponds to a month of the year. For each month, report whether a drill was held. If a drill was not held, provide an explanation. 
To report that a drill was held, enter Y in the Indicator field, and enter the date of the drill in the Date field. Date must be entered in ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD). It may be necessary to format the Category 04 and Date fields as text before entering data. 
To report that a drill was not held, enter an N in the Indicator field. In the Category 04 field, enter one of the three reason codes to indicate why a drill was not conducted during that month. Use the code 01 to indicate the location has no students; use the code 02 to indicate that the location was not in session during that month; or use 03 for any other reason. If 03 is used, enter a brief explanation of the reason in the Comment field. 


When the data is complete, save the file as a comma separated value (csv) file using the following naming convention:
Example: 123456789_LOCATION_FACT_201605061435.csv 
  1. District Code = 9-digit Administrative Unit Number 
              • For example, 123456789 
  2. Target Table (located on template) e.g., "LOCATION_FACT" 
  3. Time Stamp (ensures uniqueness for the file) e.g., "201605061435" 
  4. File Extension (data separator type) e.g., "csv" 
              • csv: comma separated
              • tab: tab separated
              • del: other delimiter


Upload the file via the C6 Safe School – Fire 2016-17 collection. Be sure to check the box indicating that the file contains a header row. 
Add the file to a batch and process the batch