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Fire Drills Accuracy Certification Statement


Fire Drill data is reported via the Location Fact template during the Collection 6 Safe Schools (C6 Safe School – Fire 2016-17 ) reporting period. The reporting tool is a partially completed Excel version of the Location Fact template LEAs will upload to PIMS. 

Reporting LEAs

The following LEA types are required to report:

  • Career and Technology Centers
  • Charter schools
  • Intermediate units
  • School districts  


LEAs are to enter or modify data only in these columns:

  • DATE

Changes made to other columns may invalidate the file.


Reporting Instructions

The reporting tool consists of 12 rows for each location within the LEA.

Each of the twelve rows corresponds to a month of the year. For each month, report whether a drill was held. If a drill was not held, provide an explanation.

To report that a drill was held, enter Y in the Indicator field, and enter the date of the drill in the Date field. Date must be entered in ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD). It may be necessary to format the Category 04 and Date fields as text before entering data.

To report that a drill was not held, enter an N in the Indicator field. In the Category 04 field, enter one of the three reason codes to indicate why a drill was not conducted during that month. Use the code 01 to indicate the location has no students; use the code 02 to indicate that the location was not in session during that month; or use 03 for any other reason. If 03 is used, enter a brief explanation of the reason in the Comment field. 


When the data is complete, save the file as a comma separated value (csv) file using the following naming convention:
Example: 123456789_LOCATION_FACT_201605061435.csv 
  1. District Code = 9-digit Administrative Unit Number 
    • For example, 123456789 
  2. Target Table (located on template) e.g., "LOCATION_FACT" 
  3. Time Stamp (ensures uniqueness for the file) e.g., "201605061435" 
  4. File Extension (data separator type) e.g., "csv" 
    • csv: comma separated
    • tab: tab separated
    •  del: other delimiter

Upload to PIMS

Upload the file via the C6 Safe School – Fire 2016-17 collection. Be sure to check the box indicating that the file contains a header row. 

Add the file to a batch and process the batch