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Certification Actions

Below is a listing of all current Certificate Actions by notification date.  

You can also download a complete listing of our Current Certification Actions: Notification of Certification Actions (Excel)


Name of IndividualNotification DateDate Action TakenAction Taken
Charles Schaldenbrand 9/16/20208/17/2020Suspension
Andrew J Poklemba 9/16/20208/17/2020Revocation
Barney Pearson 8/17/20208/17/2020Revoked
Kelli S Vassallo 8/17/20208/17/2020Revoked
Peter Reed 8/17/20208/17/2020Surrender
Kathleen A Beltrami 8/17/20208/17/2020Suspension
Susan L Harshman 8/17/20208/17/2020Surrender
Mark Anonia 8/17/20208/17/2020Surrender
Tami L Winters 8/17/20208/17/2020Suspension
John Dunphy 8/17/20208/17/2020Reinstated/Suspension Lifted
Robert Watkins 8/17/20208/17/2020Reinstated
David R Smith 8/7/20208/7/2020Immediate Suspension
Timothy Sterner 8/7/20208/7/2020Immediate Suspension
Jason Kavistan 8/7/20208/7/2020Immediate Suspension
John Vigna 6/26/20206/26/2020Revoked
Renee N Kinder 6/26/20206/26/2020Revoked
John P Dorman 6/26/20206/26/2020Revoked
Michael W Heller 6/24/20206/24/2020Revocation
Darren A Handley 6/24/20206/24/2020Revocation
Brian C Anderson 6/24/20206/24/2020Revoked
Earl O Wiloughby 6/24/20206/24/2020Immediate Suspension
Angela M Singer 6/24/20206/24/2020Revoked
Abey S Drew 6/24/20206/24/2020Revoked
Michael S Coy 6/24/20206/24/2020Revoked
Henry W Hunsinger 6/24/20206/24/2020Revoked
Robert L Lannen 6/24/20206/24/2020Revoked
Chad T Keiser 6/24/20206/24/2020Suspended
Rebecca Puzo 6/23/20206/23/2020Surrender
Ashley B Weaver 6/23/20206/23/2020Reinstated
Kevin P Boucher 6/23/20206/23/2020Public Supplemental Sanction
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