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Certification Actions

Below is a listing of all current Certificate Actions by notification date.  

You can also download a complete listing of our Current Certification Actions: Notification of Certification Actions (Excel)


Name of IndividualNotification DateDate Action TakenAction Taken
Louis D Strachan 1/15/20211/15/2021Revoked
Robyn Buckshon 12/23/202012/23/2020Indefinite Suspension
Patrick McKee 12/23/202012/23/2020Surrender
Kristen A Sauro 12/23/202012/23/2020Suspension
Stephen G Henise 12/23/202012/23/2020Surrender
Michael A Fox 12/23/202012/23/2020Immediate Suspension
Alexander Bolar 12/23/202012/23/2020Surrender
Steven M Feldman 12/23/202012/23/2020Surrender
Alyse R Evans 12/23/202012/23/2020Surrender
Coleman Taxis 12/23/202012/23/2020Revoked
Bryan T Farr 12/23/202012/23/2020Revoked
Ronald E Horvath 12/23/202012/23/2020Revoked
Timothy A Detwiler 12/23/202012/23/2020Revoked
Matthew R Kiser 12/23/202012/23/2020Revoked
Daniel Konnen 12/23/202012/23/2020Revoked
Bradley E Mea 12/23/202012/23/2020Revoked
Michael T Wonderling 12/23/202012/23/2020Revoked
Kimberly B Aman 12/23/202012/23/2020Revoked
Jessica Fingerhoot 12/23/202012/23/2020Revoked
Jonathan A Priano 11/4/202011/4/2020Immediate Suspension
Robert Ludwig 11/4/202011/4/2020Immediate Suspension
Christopher O'Sullivan 11/4/202011/4/2020Immediate Suspension
Gretta Markle 10/22/202010/22/2020Reinstated
Jessica L Coon 10/16/202010/16/2020Revoked
Bridget C Ryan 10/16/202010/16/2020Revoked
Elizabeth M Goshert 10/16/202010/16/2020Revoked
Ruth A Baggetta 10/16/202010/16/2020Revoked
Nicodemo M Baggetta 10/16/202010/16/2020Revoked
Lora A Streeper 10/16/202010/16/2020Revoked
Valorie B Sanders 10/16/202010/16/2020Revoked
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