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Certification Actions

Below is a listing of all current Certificate Actions by notification date.  

You can also download a complete listing of our Current Certification Actions: Notification of Certification Actions (Excel)


Name of IndividualNotification DateDate Action TakenAction Taken
Noel W Fisher 10/28/201910/28/2019Suspended
Evan R Braithwaite 10/28/201910/28/2019Suspended
Jerome E Stone 10/28/201910/28/2019Revocation
Karen Rathfon-Brooks 10/28/201910/28/2019Revocation
Kelly L Gerhard 10/28/201910/28/2019Public Reprimand
Timothy M Myers 10/15/201910/15/2019Revocation
Kelly A Howley 10/11/201910/11/2019Suspension
Donna Ross 10/11/201910/11/2019Revocation
Dennis A Delorso 10/11/201910/11/2019Surrender
Neil E Root 10/11/201910/11/2019Revocation
Michael T Wonderling 10/11/201910/11/2019Immediate Suspension
Gregory T Lees 10/11/201910/11/2019Surrender
Jodi Lisgar 10/11/201910/11/2019Surrender
Kim T Coon 10/11/201910/11/2019Surrender
Brett M Kenna 10/11/201910/11/2019Surrender
Ari T Haupt 10/11/201910/11/2019Public Reprimand
Hugh Lang 10/4/201910/4/2019Immediate Suspension
Elizabeth E Lombardino 9/19/20198/20/2019Revocation
Nathan P Buttenfield 8/26/20198/26/2019Suspension Lifted
Omar S Harrison 8/20/20198/20/2019Revocation
Rodney Baughman 8/20/20198/20/2019Revoked
Thomas Farley 8/20/20198/20/2019Revoked
Christine R Majewski 8/20/20198/20/2019Surrender
Brian D Scott 8/20/20198/20/2019Surrender
Daniel I Held 8/20/20198/20/2019Revocation
Raymond W Schoen 8/20/20198/20/2019Revocation
Kevin E Nagle 8/20/20198/20/2019Revocation
Joseph D Macri 8/20/20198/20/2019Surrender
Beth A Goyert 8/20/20198/20/2019Revocation
Elizabeth A McCormack 8/20/20198/20/2019Surrender
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