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Certification Actions

Below is a listing of all current Certificate Actions by notification date.  

You can also download a complete listing of our Current Certification Actions: Notification of Certification Actions (Excel)


Name of IndividualNotification DateDate Action TakenAction Taken
Rocco L Peronace 3/2/20201/31/2020Suspension
Paul R Wilson 3/1/20201/31/2020Suspension
Thomas E Stellhorn 3/1/20201/31/2020Revoked
Patricia Toner 3/1/20201/31/2020Public Reprimand
Patrick M Maranuk 2/28/20202/28/2020Immediate Suspension
Christine E Chouinard 2/28/20202/28/2020Immediate Suspension
Victor M Ordonez 2/28/20202/28/2020Immediate Suspension
James E Luksik 2/11/20202/11/2020Immediate Suspension
Julia S Agnew 2/10/20202/10/2020Revoked
Nicholas Trombetta 2/10/20202/10/2020Revoked
Jonathan E Donath 1/31/20201/31/2020Revocation
Daniel A Krasnick 1/31/20201/31/2020Surrender
Richard A Thompson 1/31/20201/31/2020Surrender
Joan W Chalker 1/31/20201/31/2020Surrender
Sonya D James 1/31/20201/31/2020Revoked
Holly M Amsterdam 1/31/20201/31/2020Supension
Barbara J Wright 1/31/20201/31/2020Revoked
Cathy M Thomas 1/31/20201/31/2020Surrender
Angela M Geary 1/31/20201/31/2020Revoked
Sheriee Wilson 1/31/20201/31/2020Revocation
Ronald R Talik 1/31/20201/31/2020Revoked
Angeline C Johns 1/31/20201/31/2020Revoked
Harold J Harper 1/31/20201/31/2020Surrender
Johanna M Boylan 1/31/20201/31/2020Public Reprimand
Michelle Costain 1/31/20201/31/2020Surrender
Jennifer Gock 1/31/20201/31/2020Surrender
Amy L Burke 1/17/20201/17/2020Immediate Suspension
Kimberly Race 1/17/20201/17/2020Immediate Suspension
Larry L Perry 12/18/201912/18/2019Immediate Suspension
Doris A Lanphear 12/18/201912/18/2019Surrender
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