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Certification Actions

Below is a listing of all current Certificate Actions by notification date.  

You can also download a complete listing of our Current Certification Actions: Notification of Certification Actions (Excel)


Name of IndividualNotification DateDate Action TakenAction Taken
Brittany L Renfroe 3/18/20192/15/2019Revocation
William A Glass 3/18/20192/15/2019Revocation
Maureen J Finnen 3/18/20192/15/2019Revocation
William J Bell 2/15/20192/15/2019Revocation
William G Reames 2/15/20192/15/2019Surrender
Julie A Rupp 2/15/20192/15/2019Revocation
Robert J Nunn 2/15/20192/15/2019Revocation
Tara M Smith 2/15/20192/15/2019Revocation
Stephen D Seitz 2/15/20192/15/2019Immediate Suspension
Henry W Hunsinger 2/15/20192/15/2019Immediate suspension
Tyrone Smith 2/15/20192/15/2019Revocation
Nicholas J Gaworski 2/15/20192/15/2019Revocation
John D Foerster 2/15/20192/15/2019Revocation
Sean C Michaels 2/15/20192/15/2019Revocation
Jesse Oberto 2/15/20192/15/2019Revocation
Thomas E Dunning Jr2/15/20192/15/2019Suspended
Brian S Eppley 2/15/20192/15/2019Surrender
Michael D Hall 12/21/201811/20/2018Revocation
Brian D Scott 12/4/201812/4/2018Immediate Suspension
Casey B Wright 12/4/201812/4/2018Immediate Suspension
Anthony L Proctor 12/4/201812/4/2018Immediate Suspension
Abby Gamber 11/20/201811/20/2018Revocation
James William Mentzer III11/20/201811/20/2018Immediate Suspension
Gary Jon Hatez Jr11/20/201811/20/2018Immediate Suspension
James W Ochse 11/20/201811/20/2018Revocation
Jennifer Montgomery 11/20/201811/20/2018Public Reprimand
Richard W Como 11/20/201811/20/2018Revocation
Philip L Hostetter 11/20/201811/20/2018Public Supplemental Sanction
Mary D Dixon 11/16/201811/16/2018Revocation
Barbara A Girdish 11/16/201811/16/2018Revocation
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