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Certification Actions

Below is a listing of all current Certificate Actions by notification date.  

You can also download a complete listing of our Current Certification Actions: Notification of Certification Actions (Excel)


Name of IndividualNotification DateDate Action TakenAction Taken
James V King 7/12/20216/11/2021Revoked
Gregory Mancini 6/29/20216/29/2021Immediate Suspension
Craig Levin 6/29/20216/29/2021Immediate Suspension
Tony Jordan 6/29/20216/29/2021Immediate Suspension
Kevin J Maginn 6/11/20216/11/2021Surrender
Eric Hahn 6/11/20216/11/2021Surrender
Vincent P Marfia 6/11/20216/11/2021Immediate Suspension
Michael W Ciletti Jr.6/11/20216/11/2021Surrender
Lianne Danko 6/11/20216/11/2021Revocation
Dana V Evans Dana Nowlin6/11/20216/11/2021Revocation
Victor Ordonez 6/11/20216/11/2021Revocation
George Hopkins 6/11/20216/11/2021Revocation
Lisa Marszalek 6/11/20216/11/2021Revocation
Brad Nieman 6/11/20216/11/2021Surrender
William Stonebraker 6/11/20216/11/2021Immediate Suspension
Silverio M Rodriquez III6/11/20216/11/2021Public Reprimand
David R Smith 5/12/20216/24/2021Reinstatement
Robert Wareham 4/28/20214/28/2021Immediate Suspension
John J Fuller 4/28/20214/28/2021Immediate Suspension
Eric F Jackson 4/20/20214/20/2021Reinstated
Sarah Martini 4/20/20214/20/2021Reinstated
Whitney Roberts 4/16/20214/16/2021Revoked
Christopher L Lenkowski 4/16/20214/16/2021Revoked
Christopher S Lenkowski 4/16/20214/16/2021Revoked
Robb Phillips 4/16/20214/16/2021Revoked
Gregory M Hoats 4/16/20214/16/2021Revoked
Seth C Hartman 4/16/20214/16/2021Revoked
Janeen M Thomas 4/16/20214/16/2021Revoked
Matthew J Ricketts 4/16/20214/16/2021Revoked
Ann L Gruber 4/16/20214/16/2021Revoked
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