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Certification Actions

Below is a listing of all current Certificate Actions by notification date.  

You can also download a complete listing of our Current Certification Actions: Notification of Certification Actions (Excel)


Name of IndividualNotification DateDate Action TakenAction Taken
Larry L Perry 12/18/201912/18/2019Immediate Suspension
Doris A Lanphear 12/18/201912/18/2019Surrender
Suzanne R Lambert 12/18/201912/18/2019Revocation
James R Hemcher 12/18/201912/18/2019Revocation
Wayne M Cimino 12/18/201912/18/2019Revocation
Cole G Black 12/18/201912/18/2019Immediate Suspension
Holly A Smith 12/18/201912/18/2019Revoked
Shaka Hecker 12/18/201912/18/2019Revoked
Michael A McKnight 12/18/201912/18/2019Revoked
Michael L McCants 12/18/201912/18/2019Revoked
Ernest Merriweather 12/18/201912/18/2019Revoked
Meghan C Fedor 12/18/201912/18/2019Revocation
Jake A Belsky 12/18/201912/18/2019Revocation
Ian P Kauffman 12/18/201912/18/2019Surrender
Joshua A Marsili 12/18/201912/18/2019Surrender
David J Lara 12/18/201912/18/2019Immediate Suspension
David Bish 12/18/201912/18/2019Surrender
Anthony L Proctor 12/18/201912/18/2019Revoked
Chrystine Mitchell 12/18/201912/18/2019Reinstated
Rebekah J Eakin 12/18/201912/18/2019Revoked
Nicole L Walsh 12/18/201912/18/2019Immediately Suspended
Gerard V Eibel 12/18/201912/18/2019Surrender
Jeffrey Lindquist 12/18/201912/18/2019Surrender
Gregory M Hoats 12/18/201912/18/2019Immediately Suspended
Josette A Bidlack 12/16/201912/16/2019Immediate Suspension
Kevin A Elvey 12/10/201912/10/2019Immediate Suspension
Eric F Jackson 11/26/201911/26/2019Revocation
Gordon D Machay 11/22/201911/22/2019Surrender
Noel W Fisher 10/28/201910/28/2019Suspended
Evan R Braithwaite 10/28/201910/28/2019Suspended
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