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Certification Actions

Below is a listing of all current Certificate Actions by notification date.  

You can also download a complete listing of our Current Certification Actions: Notification of Certification Actions (Excel)


Name of IndividualNotification DateDate Action TakenAction Taken
Brian D Scott 12/4/201812/4/2018Immediate Suspension
Casey B Wright 12/4/201812/4/2018Immediate Suspension
Anothony L Proctor 12/4/201812/4/2018Immediate Suspension
Abby Gamber 11/20/201811/20/2018Revocation
Mary D Dixon 11/16/201811/16/2018Revocation
Barbara A Girdish 11/16/201811/16/2018Revocation
Kurt Sprenkel 11/16/201811/16/2018Immediate Suspension
Richard E Adsit 10/12/201810/12/2018Immediate Suspension
Gloria M Christofano 10/12/201810/12/2018Revocation
Laura Newhart 10/12/201810/12/2018Immediate Suspension
Suhail Baloch 10/12/201810/12/2018Surrender
Cecelia H Yauger 10/12/201810/12/2018Surrender
Megan F Clough 10/12/201810/12/2018Revocation
Anthony E Haney 10/12/201810/12/2018Revocation
Paul M Rektor 10/12/201810/12/2018Surrender
George P Boylan 10/12/201810/12/2018Revocation
Susan M Finnigan 10/12/201810/12/2018Revocation
Brian D Fogelson 10/12/201810/12/2018Surrender
Rosanne M Simeone 10/12/201810/12/2018Surrender
Dennis C Slosser 10/12/201810/12/2018Revocation
Kristen L Rose 10/12/201810/12/2018Surrender
Nicodemo M Baggetta 10/12/201810/12/2018Immediate Suspension
Daniel I Held 10/12/201810/12/2018Immediate Suspension
Douglas L Giles Jr.10/12/201810/12/2018Immediate Suspension
Daniel L Hornberger 10/12/201810/12/2018Revocation
David S Golden Jr10/12/201810/12/2018Revocation
Michael Innaurato 10/12/201810/12/2018Revocation
Joseph C Lewis 10/12/201810/12/2018Surrender
Justin M Wood 10/12/201810/12/2018Revocation
Janard Pendleton 10/12/201810/12/2018Revocation
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