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Certification Actions

Below is a listing of all current Certificate Actions by notification date.  

You can also download a complete listing of our Current Certification Actions: Notification of Certification Actions (Excel)


Name of IndividualNotification DateDate Action TakenAction Taken
Omar S Harrison 8/20/20198/20/2019Revocation
Rodney Baughman 8/20/20198/20/2019Revoked
Thomas Farley 8/20/20198/20/2019Revoked
Lance Grimes 8/13/20198/13/2019Public Reprimand
Matthew R Kiser 8/6/20198/6/2019Immediate Suspension
Rochelle L Cressman 8/6/20198/6/2019Immediate Suspension
Ian Kauffman 7/19/20197/19/2019Immediate Suspension
Michael S Coy 7/19/20197/19/2019Immediate Suspension
Dale C Schimpf 7/19/20197/19/2019Immediate Suspension
Barbara J Swenson 7/19/20197/19/2019Public Supplemental Sanction
Adienex Velez 6/23/20195/24/2019Revocation
Holly D Metzler 6/17/20196/17/2019Immediate Suspension
Teryll L Gribble 6/17/20196/17/2019Immediate Suspension
Johnathan E Hocker 5/24/20195/24/2019Revocation
Erik Way 5/24/20195/24/2019Revocation
James E Fugh 5/24/20195/24/2019Revocation
Andrew J Troutman 5/24/20195/24/2019Revocation
Cody Floyd 5/24/20195/24/2019Revocation
Edward Grasso 5/24/20195/24/2019Revocation
Randy Butson 5/24/20195/24/2019Suspension
Timothy Wolf 5/17/20195/17/2019Surrender
Joshua A Wolfe 5/17/20195/17/2019Immediate Suspension
Russell Barley 5/17/20195/17/2019Surrender
Kevin Ritko 5/17/20195/17/2019Immediate Suspension
Wayne A Franko 5/17/20195/17/2019Suspended
Rebecca C Jones 5/2/20195/2/2019Revocation
Thomas H Kummer 4/30/20194/30/2019Immediate Suspension
Meghan C Fedor 4/30/20194/30/2019Immediate Suspension
Maria A Stevens 4/30/20194/30/2019Immediate Suspension
Jody B Sambrick 4/30/20194/30/2019Immediate Suspension
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