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Acronyms Related to Child Accounting

Acronym Description
A/CAPA Attendance/Child Accounting Professional Association
ADA Average Daily Attendance
ADM Average Daily Membership
AEDY Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth Program (PDE approved)
AG Auditor General
AIE/WADM Actual Instruction Expense per Weighted Average Daily Membership
APS Approved Private School
AUN Administrative Unit Number
AVTS Area Vocational-Technical School (also see CTC)
BEC Basic Education Circular
BEF Basic Education Funding
BER Base Earned for Reimbursement
CAD Child Accounting Database (2001-02 through 2008-09 school year)
CATS Career and Technical Education Information System 
CTC Career and Technology Center (also see AVTS)
CIP Classification of Instructional Programs
CS Charter School
DQE Data Quality Engine
ESSA Every Student Succeeds Act
FRPI Future Ready PA Index
GED General Education Development
ICP Institutionalized Children’s Program
IEP Individualized Education Program
IU Intermediate Unit
JIAF Juveniles Incarcerated in Adult Facilities (adult county jail)
LEA Local Education Agency
MV AR Market Value Aid Ratio
PI AR Personal Income Aid Ratio
MV/PI AR Market Value/Personal Income Aid Ratio
PIMS Pennsylvania Information Management System
PDE Pennsylvania Department of Education
PRRI Private Residential Rehabilitative Institution
SCTES Secondary Career and Technical Education Subsidy
SD School District
VADM Vocational Average Daily Membership
WADM Weighted Average Daily Membership