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Educator Effectiveness

Goal: To develop educator effectiveness models that will reform the way we evaluate school professionals as well as the critical components of training and professional growth.

Act 13 of 2020

Act 13 of 2020, signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf on March 27, 2020, revises the Act 82 Educator Effectiveness (EE) process used to evaluate professional employees and temporary professional employees in PK-12 education across the commonwealth. The revised rating system applies to classroom teachers, nonteaching professionals, and principals as defined in Act 13.

  • Classroom teacher is defined as a professional employee or temporary professional employee who provide direct instruction to students related to a specific subject or grade level.
  • Nonteaching professional is defined as an educational specialist or a professional employee or temporary professional employee who provides services and who is not a classroom teacher.
  • Principal is defined as a building principal, an assistant principal, a vice principal, a supervisor of special education or a director of career and technical education.