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Child Care and Summer Food

On-line Discussion Groups

These lists were originated by USDA and designed for State agency, school food service, and child care personnel to discuss issues about providing healthy meals to children. There is no fee for joining the lists. However, membership may be limited to related personnel. Messages and answers are unedited. The subscriber should assess the accuracy of the responses.

CACFP-Talk - Membership in this group is limited to State agencies and local CACFP administrators.

  • To subscribe to CACFP-Talk: Send a message to
    In the body of the message type: Subscribe CACFP-Talk
  • To unsubscribe from CACFP-Talk: Send a message to:
    In the body, type: unsubscribe CACFP-Talk

Mealtalk - An online discussion group for National School Lunch Program and CACFP participants.

Foodsafe - Discuss food safety issues with other professionals interested about food safety issues.

Feeding Kids Newsletter - an announcement only newsletter.

Summer Food Service Program sponsors are eligible to receive donated commodities. An application packet for donated commodities is available from Nancy Derr, PA Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Food Distribution.

Early Childhood Education Linkage System (ECELS) - Healthy Childcare Pennsylvania ( 1-800-243-2357 ) provides education and training to child care providers in Pennsylvania.

"The Foods I Eat: The Foods You Eat" by Roberta Duyff is a multicultural curriculum for preschoolers and is available from Many Hands Media, 1133 Broadway, Suite 1123, New York, NY 10010.

Children's books about food and nutrition are available through your local library or may be borrowed through the interlibrary loan from the Food and Nutrition Information Center   at (301) 504-5719. 

Healthfinder® serves as a gateway to reliable consumer health and human service information.

Resources for Afterschool Snack Programs:

Additional Afterschool Program Resources: