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Pennsylvania Schools Awarded Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Grants: 2022-23

Site NameTOTAL for SY 2022-2023
Aliquippa School DistrictAliquippa Elementary School$38,570.00
Allegheny IU 3Mon Valley School$2,940.00
Allegheny IU 3Sunrise School$3,780.00
Ambridge Area School DistrictHighland Elementary School$22,330.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaAlliance For Progress Annex$32,690.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaAlliance For Progress CS$3,500.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaChester Community  CS  Building B East$3,150.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaChester Community  CS Building  A $43,260.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaChester Community CS Building A West$21,980.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaChester Community CS Building B West$30,450.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaChester Community CS Building C East$36,050.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaChester Community CS Building C West$32,200.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaChester Community CS Building D East$32,690.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaChester Community CS-1100 Main St$32,550.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaDrexel Neumann Academy$13,090.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaSpring Garden Academy$9,870.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaSt Francis of Assisi School-Elementary$11,340.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaSt Ignatius Afterschool Program$11,970.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaSt Katherine Day School$3,010.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaSt Malachy School$16,800.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaSt Thomas Aquinas School$22,400.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaVisitation School$26,320.00
Archdiocese of PhiladelphiaYoung Scholars Charter School$6,720.00
Armstrong School DistrictDayton Elementary School$14,350.00
Armstrong School DistrictLenape Elementary School$51,800.00
Armstrong School DistrictShannock Valley Elementary School$24,010.00
Armstrong School DistrictWest Hills Intermediate School$33,810.00
Armstrong School DistrictWest Hills Primary School$38,850.00
Bethlehem Area School DistrictCalypso Elementary School$15,120.00
Bethlehem Area School DistrictDonegan Elementary School$29,680.00
Bethlehem Area School DistrictFountain Hill Elementary School$34,440.00
Bethlehem Area School DistrictFreemansburg Elementary School$22,470.00
Bethlehem Area School DistrictJames Buchanan Elementary School$16,590.00
Bethlehem Area School DistrictLincoln Elementary School$22,050.00
Bethlehem Area School DistrictMarvine Elementary School$21,000.00
Bethlehem Area School DistrictThomas Jefferson Elementary School$14,070.00
Bethlehem Area School DistrictWilliam Penn Elementary School$16,100.00
Bristol Township School DistrictBrookwood Elementary School$69,230.00
Bristol Township School DistrictKeystone Elementary School$70,840.00
Brownsville Area School DistrictBrownsville Area Elementary School$53,830.00
Butler Area School DistrictBroad Street Elementary School$14,910.00
Butler Area School DistrictEmily Brittain Elementary School$16,730.00
Butler Area School DistrictMcQuistion Elementary School$34,580.00
CAI Learning Academy IncCAI Learning Academy Inc$5,950.00
Carbondale Area School DistrictCarbondale Elementary School$52,850.00
Carlynton School DistrictCarnegie Elementary School$27,370.00
Central Dauphin School DistrictChamber Hill Elementary School$18,410.00
Central Dauphin School DistrictLawnton Elementary School$19,880.00
Central Dauphin School DistrictNorth Side Elementary School$48,580.00
Central Dauphin School DistrictPaxtang Elementary School$13,720.00
Central Dauphin School DistrictPhillips Elementary School$28,350.00
Central Dauphin School DistrictRutherford Elementary School$29,820.00
Central Dauphin School DistrictSouth Side Elementary School$56,630.00
Central Dauphin School DistrictTri-Community Elementary School$29,260.00
Charleroi School DistrictCharleroi Area Elementary Ctr$39,900.00
Chester-Upland School DistrictChester Upland School of The Arts$32,060.00
Chester-Upland School DistrictMain Street School$21,980.00
Chester-Upland School DistrictStetser Elementary School$18,480.00
Chichester School DistrictLinwood Elementary School$19,950.00
Chichester School DistrictMarcus Hook Elementary School$19,740.00
Coatesville Area School DistrictCaln Elementary School$29,540.00
Coatesville Area School DistrictEast Fallowfield Elementary School$24,920.00
Coatesville Area School DistrictKings Highway Elementary School$35,000.00
Coatesville Area School DistrictRainbow Elementary School$49,210.00
Coatesville Area School DistrictReeceville Elementary School$24,990.00
Conemaugh Valley School DistrictConemaugh Valley Elementary School$27,720.00
Cornell School DistrictCornell School District$19,670.00
Corry Area School DistrictCorry Area Intermediate School$28,000.00
Corry Area School DistrictCorry Area Primary School$32,480.00
Crawford Central School DistrictFirst District Elementary School$22,470.00
Crawford Central School DistrictNeason Hill Elementary School$23,450.00
Crawford Central School DistrictSecond District Elementary School$23,660.00
Crawford Central School DistrictWest End Elementary School$22,190.00
Daniel Boone Area School DistrictRiver Rock Academy$1,190.00
Duquesne City School DistrictDuquesne Elementary School$24,710.00
East Allegheny School DistrictLogan Elementary School$52,150.00
Erie City School DistrictDiehl School$29,050.00
Erie City School DistrictEdison Elementary School$27,860.00
Erie City School DistrictGrover Cleveland Elementary School$55,510.00
Erie City School DistrictHarding School$37,870.00
Erie City School DistrictJefferson Elementary School$25,550.00
Erie City School DistrictJoanna Connell School$35,210.00
Erie City School DistrictLincoln Elementary School$26,110.00
Erie City School DistrictMcKinley Elementary School$30,800.00
Erie City School DistrictPerry Elementary School$27,160.00
Erie City School DistrictPfeiffer-Burleigh School$36,330.00
Ferndale Area School DistrictFerndale Elementary School$23,800.00
Forest Area School DistrictEast Forest Elementary School$5,320.00
Forest Area School DistrictWest Forest Elementary School$8,260.00
Forest City Regional School DistrictForest City Regional Elementary School$29,750.00
Fox Chapel Area School DistrictKerr Elementary School$30,170.00
Gettysburg Area School DistrictVida Charter School$13,580.00
Girard CollegeManley Hall$12,670.00
Global Leadership Academy Charter SchoolGlobal Leadership Academy Charter School$33,740.00
Global Leadership Academy Charter School South West At HueyGlobal Leadership Academy Charter School South West At Huey$28,630.00
Greater Johnstown School DistrictGreater Johnstown Elementary School$78,960.00
Greater Johnstown School DistrictGreater Johnstown MS$27,720.00
Hanover Area School DistrictHanover Area Memorial Elementary School$27,300.00
Hanover Area School DistrictHanover Green Elementary School$20,300.00
Hanover Area School DistrictLee Park Elementary School$22,890.00
Hanover Area School DistrictLyndwood Elementary School$11,620.00
Harmony Area School DistrictHarmony Area JSHS$9,730.00
Harrisburg City School DistrictBenjamin Franklin School$51,590.00
Harrisburg City School DistrictDowney School$29,610.00
Harrisburg City School DistrictFoose School$36,540.00
Harrisburg City School DistrictMelrose School$40,950.00
Harrisburg City School DistrictScott Elementary School$32,620.00
Hazleton Area School DistrictArthur Street Elementary/MS$32,060.00
Hazleton Area School DistrictHazle Township Early Learning Center$34,090.00
Hazleton Area School DistrictMaple Manor Elementary/MS$46,340.00
Hazleton Area School DistrictMcadoo-Kelayres Elementary/MS$43,960.00
Hazleton Area School DistrictWest Hazleton Elementary/MS$51,870.00
Inquiry Charter SchoolBelmont Charter School$24,920.00
Inquiry Charter School Family Charter School$9,380.00
Inquiry Charter School Inquiry Charter School$17,780.00
Iroquois School DistrictIroquois Elementary School$40,950.00
Kiski Area School DistrictKiski Area East Primary School$29,820.00
Lancaster School DistrictCarter & Macrae Elementary School$27,860.00
Lancaster School DistrictHamilton Elementary School$23,100.00
Lancaster School DistrictWashington Elementary School$33,110.00
Lebanon School DistrictHarding Elementary School$42,000.00
Lebanon School DistrictHouck Elementary School$26,810.00
Lebanon School DistrictNorthwest Elementary School$43,190.00
Lebanon School DistrictSoutheast Elementary School$33,530.00
Lebanon School DistrictSouthwest Elementary School$32,900.00
Leechburg Area School DistrictDavid Leech Elementary School$26,600.00
Logos Academy IncLogos Academy Inc$11,480.00
Mahanoy Area School DistrictMahanoy Area Elementary School$38,500.00
Manchester Academic CSManchester Academic CS$23,520.00
Mastery Charter High SchoolMastery Charter School-Smedley Elementary$52,500.00
Mastery Charter High SchoolMastery CS - Cleveland Elementary$37,310.00
McKeesport Area School DistrictFrancis McClure Elementary School$45,640.00
McKeesport Area School DistrictTwin Rivers Elementary School$50,680.00
Middletown Area School DistrictFink Elementary School$16,730.00
Middletown Area School DistrictRobert Reid Elementary School$31,150.00
Midland Borough School DistrictMidland Elementary/MS$13,160.00
Mifflin County School DistrictLewistown Elementary School$33,810.00
Monessen City School DistrictDiversified Human Services-SPHS Child Learning Ctr$3,850.00
Monessen City School DistrictMonessen Elementary Center$26,460.00
Mount Carmel Area School DistrictMount Carmel Area Elementary School$55,930.00
New Brighton Area School DistrictNew Brighton Area Elementary School$42,280.00
New Castle Area School DistrictHarry W Lockley Early Learning Center$52,150.00
New Castle Area School DistrictWashington Intermediate School$50,750.00
Norristown Area School DistrictCole Manor Elementary School$28,000.00
Norristown Area School DistrictGotwals Elementary School$25,340.00
Norristown Area School DistrictHancock Elementary School$24,010.00
Norristown Area School DistrictMarshall Street Elementary School$41,930.00
Norristown Area School DistrictPaul V Fly Elementary School$31,990.00
Norristown Area School DistrictRay S. Musselman Learning Center$20,790.00
Norristown Area School DistrictWhitehall Elementary School$34,300.00
Northgate School DistrictAvalon Elementary School$16,520.00
Northgate School DistrictBellevue Elementary School$22,120.00
Northwestern School DistrictNorthwestern Elementary School$24,290.00
Northwestern School DistrictSpringfield Elementary School$13,370.00
Oil City Area School DistrictHasson Heights School$26,320.00
Oil City Area School DistrictSeventh Street School$12,740.00
Oil City Area School DistrictSmedley Street School$7,630.00
Oswayo Valley School DistrictOswayo Valley Elementary School$14,210.00
Pan American Academy Charter SchoolPan American Academy Charter School$45,220.00
Panther Valley School DistrictPanther Valley Elementary School$43,750.00
Panther Valley School DistrictPanther Valley Intermediate School$29,750.00
Penn Hills Charter School of EntrepreneurshipPenn Hills Charter School for Entrepreneurship$25,620.00
Penn Hills School DistrictPenn Hills Elementary School$93,800.00
Pittsburgh School DistrictBeechwood Elementary School$27,930.00
Pittsburgh School DistrictDilworth Traditional Academy$33,950.00
Pittsburgh School DistrictGrandview Elementary School$17,990.00
Pittsburgh School DistrictLinden Elementary School$18,550.00
Pittsburgh School DistrictPittsburgh Lincoln K-5$16,660.00
Pittsburgh School DistrictRoosevelt Elementary School$24,500.00
Pittsburgh School DistrictSpring Hill Elementary School$10,850.00
Pittston Area School DistrictPittston Area Primary Center$34,160.00
Premier Arts and Science Charter SchoolPremier Arts and Science Charter School$14,000.00
Propel CS-HomesteadPropel CS - Braddock Hills Elementary$23,590.00
Propel CS-HomesteadPropel CS - Hazelwood$14,420.00
Propel CS-HomesteadPropel CS - Homestead$18,830.00
Propel CS-HomesteadPropel CS - Pitcairn$12,180.00
Propel CS-HomesteadPropel East$18,900.00
Propel CS-HomesteadPropel McKeesport$18,410.00
Propel CS-HomesteadPropel Montour$26,180.00
Propel CS-HomesteadPropel Northside Elementary$20,720.00
Provident Charter SchoolProvident Charter School$16,660.00
Purchase Line School DistrictPurchase Line Elementary School$27,720.00
Reading School DistrictAmanda E Stout Elementary School$47,180.00
Reading School DistrictGlenside Elementary School$18,620.00
Reading School DistrictLauers Park Elementary School$35,280.00
Reading School DistrictMillmont Elementary School$36,330.00
Reading School DistrictNorthwest Elementary School$31,850.00
Reading School DistrictRiverside Elementary School$47,880.00
Reading School DistrictSixteenth & Haak Elementary School$30,800.00
Reading School DistrictTenth & Green Elementary School$38,570.00
Reading School DistrictTenth & Penn Elementary School$20,930.00
Reading School DistrictThirteenth & Green Elementary School$30,100.00
Reading School DistrictThirteenth & Union Elementary School$39,410.00
Reading School DistrictTwelfth & Marion Elementary School$33,880.00
Reading School DistrictTyson-Schoener Elementary School$26,460.00
Ridley School DistrictEddystone Elementary School$20,440.00
Ridley School DistrictWoodlyn Elementary School$20,020.00
Roberto Clemente CSRoberto Clemente Elementary CS$21,000.00
Rochester Area School DistrictRochester Elementary School$24,080.00
School District of PhiladelphiaJuniata Park Academy$49,420.00
School District of PhiladelphiaTaylor Bayard School$29,120.00
School District of PhiladelphiaWebster John H School$33,880.00
School District of PhiladelphiaZiegler William H School$24,080.00
Schuylkill IU 29Center For Exceptional Children$4,690.00
Scranton School DistrictCharles Sumner #18$19,180.00
Scranton School DistrictFrances Willard #32$25,480.00
Scranton School DistrictIsaac Tripp Elementary School$52,920.00
Scranton School DistrictJohn Adams #4$12,460.00
Scranton School DistrictJohn F. Kennedy #7$21,000.00
Scranton School DistrictJohn G Whittier #2$30,170.00
Scranton School DistrictMcNichols Plaza$23,450.00
Scranton School DistrictNeil Armstrong #40$28,490.00
Scranton School DistrictRobert Morris #27$13,860.00
Scranton School DistrictWilliam Prescott #38$15,540.00
Shade-Central City School DistrictCairnbrook Elementary School$12,040.00
Shamokin Area School DistrictNorthumberland County Vo-Tech$2,730.00
Shamokin Area School DistrictShamokin Area Elementary School$60,830.00
Shamokin Area School DistrictShamokin Area Intermediate School$24,290.00
Sharon City School DistrictCase Avenue Elementary School$35,700.00
Sharon City School DistrictMusser Elementary School$21,140.00
Sharon City School DistrictWest Hill Elementary School$17,780.00
Shenandoah Valley School DistrictShenandoah Valley Elementary School$45,360.00
Sister Thea Bowman Catholic AcademySister Thea Bowman Catholic Academy$8,540.00
South Allegheny School DistrictSouth Allegheny Elementary$41,930.00
Southern Tioga School DistrictBlossburg Elementary School$16,520.00
St Margaret SchoolSt Margaret School$15,260.00
Steelton-Highspire School DistrictSteeelton-Highspire Elementary School$53,200.00
Sto-Rox School DistrictSto-Rox Primary Center$29,050.00
Sto-Rox School DistrictSto-Rox Upper Elementary School$18,410.00
The Pathway SchoolThe Pathway School$4,830.00
The Pennsylvania School for The DeafPSD Cafeteria$5,600.00
Tidioute Community CSTidioute Community CS$11,270.00
Tunkhannock Area School DistrictTunkhannock Primary Education Center$33,950.00
Urban Pathways K-5 College Charter SchoolUrban Pathways K5 College Charter School$24,500.00
Wallenpaupack Area School DistrictWallenpaupack South Elementary School$20,930.00
Warren County School DistrictSheffield Area Elementary School$14,490.00
Warren County School DistrictWarren Area Elementary Center$49,840.00
Warren County School DistrictYoungsville Elementary School$21,840.00
Weatherly Area School DistrictWeatherly Area MS$24,920.00
West Mifflin Area School DistrictClara Barton Elementary School$15,400.00
West Mifflin Area School DistrictHomeville Elementary School$29,050.00
West Oak Lane Charter SchoolWest Oak Lane CS$66,500.00
Wilkes-Barre Area School DistrictDaniel J Flood Elementary School$38,920.00
Wilkes-Barre Area School DistrictDodson Elementary School$28,000.00
Wilkes-Barre Area School DistrictDr David W Kistler Elementary School$55,090.00
Wilkes-Barre Area School DistrictHeights/Murray Elementary School$54,320.00
Wilkes-Barre Area School DistrictSolomon/Plains Elementary School$46,970.00
Wilkinsburg Borough School DistrictKelly Primary School$14,770.00
Wilkinsburg Borough School DistrictTurner Intermediate School$21,770.00
Wissahickon CSAwbury Campus$26,460.00
Wissahickon CSFernhill Campus$26,460.00
Woodland Hills School DistrictEdgewood Elementary Steam Academy$39,690.00
Woodland Hills School DistrictTurtle Creek Elementary Steam Academy$39,620.00
Woodland Hills School DistrictWilkins Elementary Steam Academy$31,640.00
Wyoming Valley West School DistrictChester Street Elementary School$17,080.00
Wyoming Valley West School DistrictDana Elementary Center$33,880.00
Wyoming Valley West School DistrictState Elementary Center$86,310.00
Wyoming Valley West School DistrictThird Avenue Elementary School$6,440.00
York City School DistrictDavis School$28,980.00
York City School DistrictDevers School$36,540.00
York City School DistrictEdgar Fahs Smith Steam Academy$16,030.00
York City School DistrictFerguson School$35,000.00
York City School District
Goode School$33,740.00
York City School District
Hannah Penn MS$36,330.00
York City School District
Jackson School$31,920.00
York City School District
McKinley School$32,060.00