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​Eco-Schools  USA

We are partnering with Eco-​Schools USA as a way for schools to become a sustainable school and help with the process of applying for the ED-Green Ribbon School award.  The Seven Step Pr​ogram of Eco-Schools USA helps to structure steps in becoming an Eco-School and ED-GRS.  A school can apply for any one of these levels depending on the level of criteria it has met under each of the seven steps. The Bronze Award Criteria, Silver Award Criteria and Green Flag Award Criteria, will help to give schools an idea of what stage they have reached and next steps.

What are the Sev​en Steps?

  • Establish an Eco-Action Team
  • Perform an Environmental Review / Audit
  • Develop an Eco-Action Plan
  • Monitor and Evaluate Progress
  • Link to Educational Curriculum
  • Involve the Entire School and Larger Community
  • Create an "Eco-Code," or a Mission Statement

Eco-Schools USA has identified a variety of areas of primary focus or "pathways" to help schools become an Eco-School.  The Eco-Schools USA Pathways to Sustainability include:

  • Energy Pathway
  • Water Pathway
  • Climate Change Pathway
  • Transportation Pathway
  • School Grounds Pathway
  • Consumption and Waste Pathway
  • Healthy Living Pathway  
  • Healthy Schools Pathway
  • Biodiversity Pathway
  • Sustainable Food Pathway
  • Watersheds, Oceans, and Wetlands (WOW) Pathway
  • Learning about Forests (LEAF) Pathway

We encourage you to utilize the resources of Eco-Schools USA to begin your pathway to becoming a sustainable school.

Looking for local resources? Visit PA Green & Healthy​ Schools Resources.  These are some of the most valuable, high-impact programs currently available for schools and stakeholders. These resources are grouped according to the three pillars defined by the U. S. Department of Education's Green Ribbon Schools.