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Due Dates for Pupil Transportation Reports

March 31​​Intermediate Unit Cash Flow Statement
April 25​​Corrections (if necessary) to PDE-2576: Preliminary Summary of Pupil Transportation Subsidy (eTran)
​July 1​PDE-2095: Intermediate Unit Transportation Budget
September 15 ​​PDE-2099: Intermediate Unit Transportation Fiscal Report
September 25​ ​PDE-1049, PDE-2089:  School District End-of-Year reporting forms (eTran)
PDE-1049, PDE-2091:  CTC End-of-Year reporting forms and Proration Form (eTran)
​Certification of Transportation Operations - SD and CTC (eTran/print)

November 14​PDE-1049, PDE-2090: Intermediate Unit End-of-Year reporting forms and Proration Form (eTran)
Certification of Transportation Operations - IU (eTran/print)
December 1​​Certification of Intent to Provide Pupil Transportation - SD, IU, CTC (eTran/print)

Note: ​Reports identified with "(eTran)" must be completed via online reporting, ​Reports identified with "(eTran/print)" must be printed, signed and mailed to PDE