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Charter Schools

Construction or Renovation of a Facility

A charter school may construct or renovate a school facility in accordance with School Code Sections 24 P.S. 17-1715-A and 24 P.S. 17-1722-A.

Construction or renovation of a charter school facility is not eligible for Commonwealth reimbursement pursuant to School Code Section 24 P.S. 25-2574.

A charter school may lease property from public or private entities. In the event that a facility is being constructed or renovated so that it can be leased to a charter school, please note that said construction or renovation work may be subject to certain School Code requirements.

Prior to undertaking a project, charter schools are advised to contact the Department of Education's Division of School Facilities, other state agencies such as the Departments of Labor and Industry, Transportation, and Environmental Protection, as well as county and municipal agencies having jurisdiction over school construction, to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Additional information can be obtained via the following link (See 'Charter School Facilities' section):

Basic Education Circular 24 P.S. §17-1701-A, Charter Schools