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Act 25 of 2016

In accordance with Act 25 of 2016, Section 1710-E.2 the Department of Education (PDE) is posting at the links below information related to public school construction projects, reconstruction projects, building purchases and lease reimbursements.  This information is in a searchable and sortable format and will be updated every 90 days. 

The posted information is divided among three Excel Workbooks which are described below.

Historical PlanCon Project Log (As of July 1, 2016): A catalog of all the PlanCon projects submitted to PDE since the inception of the program that have either been voided or received an approved Part J (final reimbursement percentage).  Some of these projects may still be receiving state reimbursement.  The information on this log is static.

Please Note: This log does not include data on project costs, reimbursements or financing methods because that information was not compiled in the aggregate.  For answers to specific questions about one of these older projects, please contact PDE’s Division of Budget and School Facilities at

Active PlanCon Project Log: A catalog of all projects that have not yet received an approved Part J.  This log includes information on project costs, reimbursements and financing.  This log will be updated on an ongoing basis, and will be refreshed on the public website every 90 days.

Please Note: Many of the projects on this log do not have a receipt date for each Part because in the past PDE did not track these dates.  Moving forward, as the project parts progress through the process these prior receipt dates will be entered into this document.  There can be multiple received dates for each part if revisions are made during a step.

PlanCon Part K Approval Log: A catalog of project refinancing performed at PlanCon Part K since the inception of the program.  This log will be updated on an ongoing basis, and will be refreshed on the public website every 90 days.  This log overlaps with the Historical PlanCon Log and the Active PlanCon Project Log.

FY 2015-16 Charter School Lease Reimbursements: This log will be created and posted later in the fiscal year.  Information on the charter school lease reimbursement program will not be available until after the requests for fiscal year 2015-16 reimbursement have been processed.