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Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Management, Division of School Facilities
Address: 333 Market Street, 4th Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17126
Telephone: 717.787.5993

PDE Staff NameResponsibilitiesEmail
Jesse Fry, Division Chief Long-Term Rentals, Non-Reimbursable Constructions Projects, PlanCon Part A, PlanCon Part B, PlanCon E, PlanCon F, PlanCon I
James Grant, School Construction Financial Management SpecialistPlanCon Part H, PlanCon Part K,
Emergencies, School Building Closures, Maintenance Program (2.0)
Jason Drayer, Education Administration SpecialistAct 34, Budget Inquiries, Charter School, PlanCon Part C, PlanCon Part D, PlanCon G, PlanCon Part
Amanda Schoffstall, Fiscal Management Specialist Charter Schools, PlanCon Part J Extensions, PDE Forms: 2071's, 418's, 419's