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​​​Emergency Closures

The PDE Division of School Facilities serves in an advisory capacity for matters related to emergency school closures.  The following section should be referenced before sending any post-incident reports to the Department's attention to receive an opinion on applicability and adherence to the provision.

Explanation of 751 Form


Section 751 of the School Code includes the following emergency provision:

If due to an emergency a school plant or any part thereof becomes unusable, competitive bids for repairs or replacement may be solicited from at least three responsible bidders, and, upon the approval of any of these bids by the board of school directors, the school district may proceed at once to make the necessary repairs or replacements in accordance with the terms of said approved bid or bids; and provided further, that the school district shall notify the Secretary of Education in a form and manner determined by the Secretary of Education that an emergency has occurred and a bid has been selected under the emergency process provided for in this section.

24 P.S. § 7-751 ​


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F​requently Asked Questions​​

Below is a list of frequently aske​​d questions designed to assist public school entities in utilizing Section 751's emergency provision.

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