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​PlanCon 2.0

Act 70 of 2019 reauthorizes the Commonwealth's PlanCon program. The modernization of the program includes a reduction of approval points and a streamlined reimbursement process.

Included in the guidance for this section is a crosswalk that compares the former PlanCon approval process with the current PlanCon process. Act 34 (when applicable) and general industry timelines are included as well.

State building code has not been amended during this process.

Act 34 legislation is applicable to all building additions work in the Commonwealth. Act 34 has not been amended during this process and Division of School Facilities oversight remains when PlanCon reimbursement is being sought. Act 34 is also applicable when PlanCon is not being sought but in that circumstance PDE oversight is not binding but rather advisory in nature.