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Section 907-A Intermediate Unit Reporting

On June 30, 2011, the Governor signed into law Act 24 of 2011, amending the PA School Code.  Section 907-A created a new reporting requirement for Intermediate Units (IU).

The complete text of this section may found on the PA​ General Assembly website. You can access the PA General Assembly website directly at: PA General Assembly​.

Section 907-A Reporting File Templates and Quick Guide:
Microsoft Excel templates provided to IU's for reporting purposes | Quick Reference Guide

Section 907-A Submitted IU Reports:

Please Note:  Reports are submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education by the referenced intermediate unit, in accordance with section 907-A of the Public School Code, as added by Act 24 of 2011.

Each intermediate unit bears the sole responsibility for the contents of their report.

Any questions concerning the contents of the report(s) should be directed to the inte​rmediate unit