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Expenditures Glossary of Terms


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​Actual Instruction Expense

Actual Instruction Expense per Weighted Average Daily Membership (AIE/WADM)

Administration (2300)

Adult Education Programs (1600)

Average Daily Membership (ADM)

Business (2500)

Central (2800)

Charter School

Higher Education Programs (1700)

Current Expenditures

Facilities Acquisition, Construction and Improvement Services (4000)

Instruction (1000)

Instructional Staff (2200)

Median Actual Instruction Expense Per Weighted Average Daily Membership (Median AIE/WADM)

Operation of Non-Instructional Services (3000)

Other Instructional Programs - Elementary/Secondary (1400)

Other Expenditures and Financing Uses (5000)

Other Support Services (2900)

Pre-Kindergarten (1800)

Pupil Health (2400)

Pupil Personnel (2100)


Regular Programs - Elementary/Secondary (1100)

​Special Programs - Elementary/Secondary (1200)

Special Schools

Student Transportation Services (2700)

Support Services (2000)

Total Expenditures

Vocational Educational (1300)

Weighted Average Daily Membership (WADM)