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​Tuition Rate Calculation

School Finance within the Office of Comptroller Operations, calculates, certifies and issues Elementary and Secondary Tuition Rates on the PDE-2061 Form annually. The rates are calculated using financial information reported by each school district on the Annual Financial Report, PDE-2057. School districts can access their Certified Tuition Rate calculation through the Consolidated Financial Reporting System (CFRS).      

School District Tuition Rates:   

Use the links below to access a listing of all public school districts and their elementary and secondary tuition rates. 
For Use During:​ ​
​​Fiscal Year 2023-2024: Certified 5/2024
2023-24 Excel Spreadsheet
​Fiscal Year 2022-2023: Certified 5/2023
2022-23 Excel Spreadsheet
​Fiscal Year 2021-2022: Certified 5/2022​
2021-22 Excel Spreadsheet
​Fiscal Year 2020-2021: Certified 5/2021
​2020-21 Excel Spreadsheet
​Fiscal Year 2019-2020: Certified 5/2020
2019-20 Excel Spreadsheet
​Fiscal Year 2018-2019: Certified 5/2019
2018-19 Excel Spreadsheet
​Fiscal Year 2017-2018: Certified 5/2018 2017-18 Excel Spreadsheet
​Fiscal Year 2016-2017: Certified 5/2017 2016-17 Excel Spreadsheet
​Fiscal Year 2015-2016: Certified 5/2016  2015-16 Excel Spreadsheet
Fiscal Year 2014-2015:  Certified 5/2015​2014-15 Excel Spreadsheet
Fiscal Year 2013-2014:  Certified 5/2014​2013-14 Excel Spreadsheet
​ Questions regarding Tuition Rate calculations can be directed to