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HEOA Title II Reports

Information and documents on how to complete and submit a Higher Education Opportunity Act: Title II Institutional Report Card.

Final Institution of Higher Education Report Card and Pennsylvania's State Report Card will be posted when they are released by the U.S. Department of Education.

Title II HEOA Flow of Data Chart shows the flow of the reporting process and the kinds of data reported by different entities. This flow chart can be accessed on the U.S. Dep​​​artment of Education website.

Program Criteria

The definition for at-risk and low performing Educator Preparation Programs:

The at-risk and low-performing program criteria

Pennsylvania implemented the following criteria to designate a program provider's teacher preparation program(s) as low performing during any of the three consecutive years applicable to the program provider's Title II Institutional Report Card:

  1. The program received a conditional approval status during major review;
  2. The three-year average for summary pass rate is below 80 percent;
  3. The three-year average for each single assessment pass rate (both completers and enrolled students) is below 80 percent; and
  4. The number of candidates reported as program completers compared to the number of candidates enrolled in each initial teacher preparation program
  5. Note: These standards are currently under review by the Department.