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Postsecondary & Adult Education

Pennsylvania is home to nearly 250 postsecondary and higher education institutions:

  • 14 community colleges
  • 14 state-owned universities
  • 4 state-related commonwealth universities and 2 affiliates
  • 8 private state-aided institutions
  • 92 private colleges and universities 2 private colleges and universities
  • 13 theological seminaries
  • 4 private two-year colleges  private two-year colleges
  • 1 state school of technology
  • 63 specialized associate degree granting institutions
  • 25 "other" institutions - PA extension campuses of out-of-state providers

This mix of public and private institutions provides a broad array of career choices for students to continue their studies on a full or part-time basis. Information about each institution is available through the EdNA (Educational Names and Addresses) database.

The Division of Higher & Career Education oversees the implementation of higher education in the commonwealth as it pertains to degree granting authority, corporate operational authority, new program and degree approvals, and other policy initiatives. 
View an interactive Google Map of Pennsylvania’s postsecondary and higher education institutions.

College and University Funding

Budgetary approval of community colleges, State System, state-related, and state-aided entities and Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology also rests with the Department of Education, and such recommendations are included within the overall PDE budget recommendations to the Office of the Governor. A single appropriation is made to the State System while line-item appropriations from the General Appropriations are provided to each state-related or state-aided university, community college and Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.

For more information about Higher Education funding go to Current and Proposed Commonwealth Budgets (See Education under the Budget Line-Item Appropriations) 

Governor’s It’s On Us PA Grant Program

In September 2016, Governor Tom Wolf announced that eligible post-secondary institutions in Pennsylvania could apply for up to $30,000 in competitive funding to address campus sexual assault. 
Programs or activities that were considered for funding included campus-wide training for students, faculty and staff; institutional campaigns to raise awareness and understanding of the reporting process and resources available to and rights of survivors of sexual violence; programs that enhance awareness of available resources and students’ rights or seek to increase mechanisms for anonymous reporting; and efforts to improve capacity to collect federal- or state-required data.
In November, the Administration awarded 36 Pennsylvania postsecondary institutions nearly $1 million in grants to address campus sexual assault and the goals of the Governor's It's On Us campaign.  More than 60 schools applied for funding.
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