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Approved Driver Education Programs
 July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018

This listing is comprised of school districts (SD), charter schools (CS), non-public schools (NP), intermediate units (IU), area vocational technical schools (AVTS), private driver training schools (PDTS), community colleges, universities, correspondence courses (CC) and online theory driver education programs (Online) that have been approved to provide driver education programs in Pennsylvania for the period from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.
Please Note: Schools on this list have complete driver education programs consisting of at least 30 hours of theory instruction and six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, UNLESS it is followed by a designation of BTW, CC, CT, Online, or R/P.
The designation BTW means that the driver education program consists of behind-the-wheel instruction only.
The designation CC means that the school has an approved driver education program consisting of theory instruction via a correspondence/independent study course that is considered equivalent to 30 hours of classroom instruction.
The designation CT means that the driver education program consists of classroom theory instruction only.
The designation Online means that the school has an approved driver education program consisting of theory instruction via the internet and is considered equivalent to 30 hours of classroom instruction.
The designation R/P means that the school is a licensed private driver training school approved ONLY to provide instruction to physically-challenged clients or for rehab purposes.



School NameCountyDesignation if Applicable
Conewago Valley SDAdamsCT
Delone Catholic High SchoolAdamsNP; CT, BTW
Fairfield Area SDAdamsCT
Gettysburg Area SDAdamsCT
Littlestown Area SDAdamsCT, BTW
Max Laing Driving SchoolAdamsPDTS; BTW, Online (717)253-3678
Perry Smith Driving School, LLCAdamsPDTS; BTW, (717)253-2705
Upper Adams SDAdamsCT
A Plus School of Driving, LLCAlleghenyPDTS; BTW, Online (412)726-4772
Bmarc School of Driving, LLCAlleghenyPDTS; BTW, CT, Online (412)956-0222
Buckle Up Driving SchoolAlleghenyPDTS; BTW, CT, Online (412)747-7551
Chartiers Valley SDAlleghenyCT
Cindy Cohen School of Driving, LLCAlleghenyPDTS; BTW, CT, Online (412)580-0027
Community College of Allegheny CountyAlleghenyOnline
Crossroads Professional Driving SchoolAlleghenyPDTS; BTW (724)745-5015
Easy Method Driver Trng SchAlleghenyPDTS; BTW, CT, (412)243-3279
Goodwill Employment Trng CenterAlleghenyPDTS; BTW, CT (412)632-1843
Judy A. Gigliotti Professional Driving SchoolAlleghenyPDTS; BTW, CT (412)563-2498
KDT Driver Training SchoolAlleghenyPDTS; BTW, CT, Online (412)851-9540
Kennedy School of DrivingAlleghenyPDTS; BTW, CT, (412)771-5550
Keystone Oaks SDAlleghenyCT, BTW
Lazar School of DrivingAlleghenyPDTS; BTW, Online (412)487-5598
Moon Area SDAlleghenyCT, BTW
Mt. Lebanon SDAlleghenyCT, BTW
National Driving SchoolAlleghenyPDTS; BTW (412)937-0621
Pittsburgh Job Corps CenterAlleghenyNP, Online, BTW
Rogers Driving School IncAlleghenyPDTS; BTW, CT, Online (412)931-9000
Sullivans Driving SchoolAlleghenyPDTS; BTW, CT, Online (412)828-2826
Swansons Safeway Driving SchAlleghenyPDTS; BTW (412)731-7112
Western PA School for the DeafAlleghenyNP; CT, BTW
Apollo-Ridge SDArmstrongCT, BTW
Armstrong Area SDArmstrongCT, BTW
Armstrong Driving SchoolArmstrongPDTS; BTW, CT (724)548-3421
Freeport Area SDArmstrongCT, BTW
Karns City SDArmstrongCT, BTW
Leechburg Area SDArmstrongCT, BTW
Big Beaver Falls Area SDBeaverCT, BTW
Blackhawk Area SDBeaverCT, BTW
Mr. Knops Driving School, LLCBeaverPDTS; BTW, CT (724)385-0436
The Prevention NetworkBeaverPDTS; BTW, CT, Online (724)869-2222
Bedford Area SDBedfordCT, BTW
Chestnut Ridge SDBedfordCT
Everett Area SDBedfordCT, BTW
Tussey Mountain SDBedfordCT, BTW
Cardinals Driving SchoolBerksPDTS; BTW, CT (610)779-9766
Conrad Weiser Area SDBerksCT
Holy Name High SchoolBerksNP; CT
Michael Vecchio's Driving SchoolBerksPDTS; BTW, (610)223-8390
Muhlenberg SDBerksCT, BTW
Sosh's Driving SchoolBerksPDTS; BTW, CT (610)779-4391
Tulpehocken Area SDBerksCT, BTW
Wilson SDBerksCT, BTW
Wilsons Driver Training School IncBerksPDTS; CT, Online (610)856-7786
Altoona Area SDBlairCT, BTW
Bellwood-Antis SDBlairCT, BTW
Claysburg-Kimmel SDBlairCT
Hollidaysburg Area SDBlairCT, BTW, Online
Spring Cove SDBlairCT
Tyrone Area SDBlairCT, BTW
Athens Area SDBradfordCT, BTW
Bob Watkins Driving SchoolBradfordPDTS; BTW (607) 725-1678
Mac's Driving AcademyBradfordPDTS; BTW (720) 425-6379
Sayre Area SDBradfordCT, BTW
Troy Area SDBradfordCT
Wyalusing Area SDBradfordCT
American Driving SchoolBucksPDTS; BTW, CT, Online (215)639-2390
Cameo Driving SchoolBucksPDTS; BTW, CT (215)757-2038
Central Bucks SDBucksCT
Council Rock SDBucksCT
Duncans School of Driving, Inc.BucksPDTS; BTW, CT, Online (215)357-0989
Four Star Driving School, LLCBucksPDTS; BTW (267)374-4444
Highway Speed Driving SchoolBucksPDTS; BTW, (267)718-6875
Johns Driving School and Auto TagBucksPDTS; BTW, CT, Online (215)295-8003
Modern Driver InstituteBucksPDTS; BTW, CT (215)237-4870
Norms School of DrivingBucksPDTS; BTW, CT (215)953-1111
Palisades SDBucksCT, BTW
Pennsbury SDBucksCT
Primetime Driving SchoolBucksPDTS; BTW (215)822-0414
Success Driving SchoolBucksPDTS; BTW, CT (215)925-8833
Unique Driving SchoolBucksPDTS; BTW (484)661-6706
Urbaneks Driving SchoolBucksPDTS; BTW, Online (215)443-7568
Driving In A New AmericaButlerPDTS; BTW, CT, Online (724)538-4653
Elias Driver Training SchoolButlerPDTS; BTW, CT (724)287-1579
Karns City SDButlerCT, BTW
Portersville Christian SchoolButlerCT
Shubers School of DrivingButlerPDTS; BTW, CT (724)285-1864
Slippery Rock Area SDButlerCT, BTW
South Butler County SDButlerCT, BTW
Ultimate Defensive Driving SchoolButlerPDTS; BTW, CT, Online (724)321-5655
Blacklick Valley SDCambriaCT, BTW
Brants Driving School, IncCambriaPDTS; BTW, CT, Online (814)255-3313
Central Cambria SDCambriaCT, BTW, Online
Commonwealth Technical InstituteCambriaNP; CT, BTW
Ferndale Area SDCambriaCT, BTW
Forest Hills SDCambriaCT, BTW
Glendale SDCambriaCT, BTW
Greater Johnstown SDCambriaCT, BTW
Northern Cambria SDCambriaCT, BTW
Penn CambriaCambriaCT
Portage Area High SchoolCambriaCT, BTW
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