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​Master's Degree or Post-baccalaureate Program

(for those who already have a bachelor's degree)

If your previous degree(s) did not include an education component, you will need to complete an education certification program through an approved provider to receive your PA teacher certification.

Step One

What do I want to teach?

Step Two

Where do I accomplish this?

Step Three

College determines entrance requirements and evaluates previous coursework

Step Four

Complete College Program

Step Five

Student Teaching

Step Six

Pass Content Area Testing:
This will be the testing associated with the subject area you completed.
As an example, if you completed a Mathematics program, you will need to take the Mathematics testing.

Find the test(s) and scores required under the Certification Test Requirements tab on our website. (Excel)

Step Seven

Apply for your Certificate through the Teacher Information Management System (TIMS)

View the application and User Guides.