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Pennsylvania has over 100 colleges, universities and alternative preparation program providers that offer teacher education programs approved by the Department of Education. Students who secure the recommendation for certification by the college or university have met: all requirements of the approved preparation program, the qualifying scores on the required tests and other requirements established by the State Board of Education.

Contact a state approved program provider for more details on the requirements for obtaining a PA certificate.

    Alternative Program Providers

    Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), with the approval of the State Board of Education, has the authority to recognize alternate preparation programs leading to teacher certification.   At the current time, the following programs are recognized by PDE for certification purposes.

    Program Framework Guidelines and Rubrics

    The program approval process is based upon general and subject-specific guidelines, rather than a minimum number of credits, set by the Department of Education and implemented by the preparing institution. This section provides information on the approved programs at the Pennsylvania colleges and universities as well as the Program Framework Guidelines and Rubrics established by the Department.

    Institutional Program Approval

    Designed to provide resources for approved program providers.  Instructions, training videos and manuals and other related materials.