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Teaching English As a Second Language (ESL) in Pennsylvania

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What are the requirements to staff ESL teaching positions?

​How can PA teachers be eligible for the ESL certificate? 

Will the Program Specialist certificate remain valid and active if the PA Instructional certificate becomes invalid and/or inactive?

​Can teachers holding an out-of-state ESL certificate be eligible for the Program Specialist ESL certificate if they are not eligible for a Pennsylvania Instructional certificate?

​Is there a test required for the issuance of the ESL certificate? 

​Must the courses be at the graduate level? 

​Are teachers holding the ESL certificate required to complete continuing education requirements of Act 48?

​Where can teachers find information on PDE-approved providers for ESL certification?

​Is service on the ESL certificate counted towards the issuance of the Instructional Level II certificate? 

​Are credits earned through the ESL preparation program accepted towards Level II certification? 

Will service on the ESL certificate count against the validity of the Instructional I certificate?

​Can an ESL teacher give English credit?

​How do I apply for the ESL certificate?