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Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) - Personal Users

Welcome to TIMS, Pennsylvania's online certification system – a one-stop shop for individuals who need to apply for teacher certification, access their personal TIMS dashboard, view and update personal information, print a copy of their teaching certificate, and perform additional functions as a current or future educator.

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Application Processing

Current processing time:
approximately 10 weeks
(once your application reaches "awaiting evaluation" status).

Note to Applicants:
Avoid Processing Delays

To avoid processing delays,
we strongly recommend
uploading documents within
TIMS. If you are unable
to upload all document(s) into
your application, scan
and email them to:
We encourage applicants to
submit transcripts electronically
using this guidance

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Login to TIMS

Login to TIMS

Use Microsoft Edge or Firefox to access TIMS. Chrome and Safari users experience technical difficulties, which includes payment processing issues.

First Time User?

Review step-by-step guide
before attempting to login.

Access TIMS guide or
watch a brief YouTube video
to learn how to complete
your certification in TIMS.

TIMS Resources

Help/User Guides

Answers to FAQs

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Having trouble
logging in to TIMS?
Call the Keystone Login
Help Desk: 877-328-0995

Experiencing an issue
while logged in to TIMS?
Send an email to
and include a screenshot
and/or the error message.

Have a question about
the application process?
Send an email to