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​Emergency Permits

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What is an Emergency Permit?

​A Pennsylvania public school entity, also known as a Local Education Agency (LEA), requests an Emergency Permit to fill a vacant position when it is unable to find a fully qualified and properly certified educator holding a valid and active certificate. 

Who can obtain an Emergency Permit?

​Any LEA can apply for an Emergency Permit.  An individual should not apply for an Emergency Permit unless instructed to do so by an LEA. 

What is the minimum education requirement for an initial Emergency Permit?

​A minimum of a bachelor's degree is required (except career and technical instructional areas, school nurse, and dental hygienist).

How long is an Emergency Permit valid?

​The permit is valid from the first day of the month of issuance until the last day of summer school in that school year. 

Can I be issued an Emergency Permit if my Pennsylvania Intern certificate or Level I certificate has expired/lapsed?

No.  An Emergency Permit cannot be issued to a candidate who holds an expired Intern certificate in the subject area requested or a lapsed Level I certificate.

Can an LEA obtain an Emergency Permit for someone who holds an INACTIVE or VOLUNTARY INACTIVE Pennsylvania certificate?

Yes, but only a Type 06 Day-to-Day Emergency Permit can be requested. Inactive and Voluntary Inactive Pennsylvania certificate holders may substitute for a total of 90 days per school-year in their certificate area.

  • An Emergency Permit is not required for an individual to work in their certificate area(s).

  • A Type 06 Permit is required when the individual is working outside of their certification area(s).  A single assignment may not exceed 20 days.

  • These two options combined cannot exceed 90 days per school year.

NOTE: "Inactive" and "Voluntary Inactive" status pertains to the ACT 48 - Continuing Professional Education requirement and not the validity (service/teaching years) of a Pennsylvania certificate. For information on how to reactive your PA certificate, please contact the Division of Planning at (717) 772-4944.

How does a candidate apply for an Emergency Permit?

​The candidate must register and log into the Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) following the directions under Help With TIMS.  The Emergency Permit request routes electronically to the LEA for  completion.  The LEA selects the Emergency Permit type, subject area(s) of the permit, payment method, and submits through TIMS to the PA Department of Education.  The candidate and/or LEA submits the required document(s) as listed on the TIMS coversheet.

Who pays for the Emergency Permit fee?

​The LEA determines who is responsible for the payment.

​What is a Type 01: Long Term Substitute with Educational Obligation Emergency Permit

This type of permit is requested for a vacant position that will exceed 20 consecutive days in a single assignment when the LEA anticipates future employment of the position.  The educator working under the permit agrees to enroll in a state-approved certification preparation program in the subject area(s) of the requested permit and complete the required number of credits required for reissuance according to CSPG 13 Emergency Permits.

What are the Type 01 reissuance requirements?

Reissuance may be requested if the educator provides evidence of enrollment in a state-approved certification preparation program and has completed the required credits in the program.

First reissuance credit requirements are based on the date of issuance of the initial Emergency Permit:

August 1 – November 30 = six (6) program credits

December 1 – March 31 = three (3) program credits

April 1 – July 31 = proof of program enrollment

Second reissuance and all subsequent reissuances may be requested with proof of nine (9) certification program credits.

If my certification program is complete and I have not passed all of the tests, am I eligible for reissuance of a Type 01 Emergency Permit?

​A Type 01 Emergency Permit may be reissued one time for testing purposes after the program is complete and if the test has been attempted in the previous year. 

​Can a Type 01 Long Term Substitute with Education Obligation Emergency Permit for Special Education PK-8 and/or Special Education 7-12 be issued without another subject area?

​No.  Both Special Education PK-8 and Special Education 7-12 require another content area Emergency Permit that aligns in grade scope if the educator does not hold the pre-requisite certificate. 

What is a Type 04 Long Term Substitute Without an Educational Obligation Emergency Permit?

​This type of permit is requested for a temporary position that will exceed 20 consecutive days in a single assignment when future employment in the position is NOT anticipated by the LEA.  

How many times can a Type 04 Emergency Permit be issued?

​A Type 04 Emergency Permit can be reissued one time in the same subject area for the same   candidate per LEA.

Will the processing of an Emergency Permit application be expedited if requested?

​No.  Emergency Permit applications are already given priority over every other application type.  Applications for Emergency Permits are based on an emergency situation and will be processed based on the “Awaiting Evaluation” status date in TIMS.

Can I obtain an Emergency Permit through a private agency or contractor (ex. Source4Teachers, Kelly Services, etc.)?

​No. The LEA must request Emergency Permits for substitute teachers provided to their LEA by private agencies or contractors. 

Why is my Emergency Permit flagged for an audit?

  • An Emergency Permit could randomly be selected for audit, good moral character, or non-U.S. citizenship status.  In most cases, the candidate must submit an official bachelor's degree transcript.    

  • If foreign educated, the submission of an official foreign evaluation report or notarized copy from a National Association of Credentials Evaluation Services (NACES)  or Association of International Credentials Evaluators (AICE) member is required.   The candidate must also submit a front and back copy of their permanent resident visa and the "Declaration of Intent" form if not a U.S. citizen.   

  • A permit may also be audited due to an affirmative answer to one of the background questions.  The applicant's TIMS coversheet will list the documents that are required for good moral character review.  

Where can I find more information about Emergency Permits?

Please refer to  CSPG 13 Emergency Permits.