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​Emergency Permits

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What is an Emergency Permit?

Who can obtain an Emergency Permit?

What is the minimum education requirement for an initial Emergency Permit?

How long is an Emergency Permit valid?

Can I be issued an Emergency Permit if my Pennsylvania Intern certificate or Level I certificate has expired/lapsed?

Can an LEA obtain an Emergency Permit for someone who holds an INACTIVE or VOLUNTARY INACTIVE Pennsylvania certificate?

How does a candidate apply for an Emergency Permit?

Who pays for the Emergency Permit fee?

​What is a Type 01: Long Term Substitute with Educational Obligation Emergency Permit

What are the Type 01 reissuance requirements?

If my certification program is complete and I have not passed all of the tests, am I eligible for reissuance of a Type 01 Emergency Permit?

​Can a Type 01 Long Term Substitute with Education Obligation Emergency Permit for Special Education PK-8 and/or Special Education 7-12 be issued without another subject area?

What is a Type 04 Long Term Substitute Without an Educational Obligation Emergency Permit?

How many times can a Type 04 Emergency Permit be issued?

Will the processing of an Emergency Permit application be expedited if requested?

Can I obtain an Emergency Permit through a private agency or contractor (ex. Source4Teachers, Kelly Services, etc.)?

Why is my Emergency Permit flagged for an audit?

Where can I find more information about Emergency Permits?