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​​Certification Staffing Policy Guidelines (CSPGs)

The Pennsylvania Department of Education, in accordance with 22 Pa. Code § 49.13(b)(10), developed the following Certification and Staffing Policies and Guidelines (CSPG) to provide guidance involving compliance with state laws governing certification and staffing practices in school entities within the Commonwealth.

The CSPGs also provide clarification to educators regarding (1) the issuance of professional certificates, (2) the grade level and content scope of certificate subject areas and (3) the appropriate certificate for staffing professional positions in public schools. In the CSPGs, you will find valuable information related to certificate eligibility as well as the proper staffing practices that will help achieve educational excellence in the schools of the Commonwealth.

General Certification Information

Instructional Certification

Educational Specialist Certification

Supervisory Area Certification

Administrative Areas of Certification

Ancillary Staffing Information

Licensed Professionals