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​CSPG 20 - Induction

Modified: April 13, 2023

General Policies

The State Board of Education adopted regulations in September 1987 requiring an induction program to include a mentoring component for all newly employed professional educators. Induction completed out of state cannot be substituted for the PA required induction.

Requirements for Teachers and Educational Specialists

Effective at the start of the 2024-25 school year, all school districts, intermediate units, charter schools, cyber charter schools, independent schools, and career and technical centers must provide a Pennsylvania state-approved minimum two-year induction plan. 

    • First- and second-year teachers and educational specialists in PA engaged in their initial experience in a Pennsylvania public school entity must participate in the entity's induction program.
    • As per, 22 Pa. Code 49.16, LEAs are required to include temporary substitutes in induction programs if they remain in the assignment for more than 45 days. LEAs may include such individuals in staff professional development for assignments of fewer than 45 days.
    • Newly employed teachers and educational specialists with more than two years of school experience in PA may be required to participate in an induction program at the option of the employing school entity. Completion of a state-approved Induction Program is required for Level II certification.
    • Participation in the induction program process is optional for PreK-12 non-public and private school entities but is required for educators' permanent certification.  Non-public, non-licensed schools, approved private schools, and private, non-licensed schools may, but are not required to, provide a PA state-approved induction program.

Induction and Permanent Certification

All persons who received their Instructional I or Vocational Instructional I certificate on or after June 1, 1987, must present evidence of having successfully completed a PDE-approved induction program to qualify for an Instructional II or Vocational Instructional II certificate. Individuals holding Educational Specialist I certificates issued in accordance with September 1, 1999, regulations must also complete a PDE-approved induction program. See CSPG #7 for additional Level II certificate requirements.


22 Pa. Code §§ 49.16, 49.83 (1), 49.143 (4), 49.103 (1)

This revision supersedes all earlier CSPGs carrying this number and/or addressing this subject. Previous CSPG printing dates on this subject: 1/87, 7/04

Summary of Changes

​Date of Revisions
​Major Changes to CSPG #20
  • ​Updated title to clarify that the CSPG only applies to teachers and education specialists
  • Clarified that completion of out of state induction cannot be substituted for PA induction completion
  • Updated to reflect the change from a one-year required induction to two-year required induction, as per Chapter 49
  • Added requirements relating to substitute teachers in alignment with CSPG #13
  • Added clarity regarding which types of schools are not required to provide a state-approved induction program