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​CSPG 36 - Communications (7-12)

Modified: March 1, 2014

Communications is the creation, evaluation and transmission of messages. Communications teachers help students bring meaning to their experiences and experiences of others through the use of language and all those behaviors, verbal and nonverbal, associated with the usage of language, and provide analysis of communication processes as affected by cultures, and its effects of differences in language, values, meaning, perception and thought.

Grade Level Scope of Certificate:

A person holding a valid Pennsylvania certificate for Communications is qualified to teach communications courses to students in grades 7 through 12.

Certification Assignment

A person holding a valid Pennsylvania certificate for Communications is qualified to teach communications courses including:

  • Advertising, journalism, radio/television, news production and broadcasting, speech/public speaking, debate, public relations, writing including newspaper writing and reporting, editing, organizational writing and yearbooks, dance, drama, film, theater, stage production, directing, basic acting, analysis of literature, English language arts, linguistics and developmental reading.
  • Technical writing, business English or applied communications for English or communications credit at the appropriate grade level.

Special Considerations

  • An educator certified in this field may:
    • provide professional development;
    • serve in the role of mentor or advisor;
    • assist students in understanding how to read content area materials.


Program Specific Guidelines for Communications Certification.

PA Public School Code: §1202, §1212, §1604

22 PA Code: Chapter 4: §4.22 (c)(1), §4.22 (c)(8), §4.23 (c)(1), §4.23 (e)

Chapter 49: §49.11, §49.81, §49.142

Other CSPGs for Reference

English, Grades 4-8 with a concentration in English/Language Arts, Reading Specialist

This revision supersedes all earlier CSPGs carrying this number and/or addressing this subject. Previous printing dates on this subject: 3/75, 10/76, 1/87, 12/90, 7/04

Summary of Changes

​Date of Revisions
​Major Changes to CSPG #36
  • Added dance to the certification assignment.
  • Clarifications under Special Considerations:
    • Added information regarding staffing of Business English.
    • Clarified additional general duties that a certified educator may provide.
​7/1/2004​CSPG #36-Communications: CSPG # 42-English: These certificates remained interchangeable; however, differentiations are made in certificate assignment with Communications having a stronger media, broadcasting, video and journalism focus.
​12/1/1990​CSPG #32-English and Communications Certification and Assignment Scope:
  • Both English and Communications certificate areas could teach: Theater, Literature, Composition, Grammar and Usage, Speech and Dramatics, Journalism, Business English.
  • Applied Communications (career related communication) could be taught by English, Communications, or any area of Business Education.
  • Developmental reading could be taught by English or Communications.
​3/1/1975​CSPG # 32-Assignment of Teacher to Instruction in English and Communications:
  • Certificates in English or Comprehensive English could teach: American and English Literature, Grammar and Usage, Speech and Dramatics, Composition, Journalism, Spelling.
  • Certificate in Speech issued after 7/1/1969 may only teach speech and dramatics.
  • Transition in process for an Instructional certificate endorsed for Communications. This certificate will be used to teach: English language studies, Speech, Literature, Writing, Theater, Communications using non-print media.