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Pennsylvania State Police Guidelines for Criminal History Record Information Reports


In compliance with Act 14 of 1997 (63 P.S. 671-680), each nurse aide program applicant is required to submit a completed PA - Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) report that was obtained during the year prior to enrolling in a nurse aide training program.

For enrollment in a PA nurse aide training program, the PA State Police CHRI and FBI reports may not include and Prohibitive Offenses Contained in PA Act 14 of 1997.

Procedure for Obtaining a PA CHRI report from the Pennsylvania State Police 

If the applicant has resided in the Commonwealth for the last two 2 years, prior to entering the nurse aide training program, a CHRI request is made to the Pennsylvania State Police. A form titled SP4-164 can be obtained at a police station or by online. A CHRI can also be processed electronically at  The electronic version has a state seal embedded in the final report. 

Applicants whose record documents a prohibitive offense as "disposition unreported" will be directed to the Clerk of Courts of the Municipality, where the arrest was made in order to clarify in writing the disposition of the arrest. The applicant will not be admitted into the nurse aide training class until clarification of the arrest and compliance to Act 14 is established. 

If the applicant has not resided in the Commonwealth for the last two 2 consecutive years, the applicant  must request a CHRI report from the PA State Police and process a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report through IDEMIA. 

Procedure for Obtaining an FBI report through IDEMIA 

See the PDE website for information regarding the Process for Procuring an FBI Report for Eligibility for Enrollment in a PA Nurse Aide Training Program. 

Questions regarding these procedures should be directed to