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Temporary Nurse Aide

Pathway to Becoming Nurse Aide During Federal COVID-19 Emergency

All questions regarding becoming a temporary nurse aide (TNA) or employment as a TNA must be directed to the Pennsylvania Department of Health:

Act 138 of 2020 

Under Act 138 of 2020 (Act 138), individuals who became employed as a temporary nurse aide* (TNA) during the declared Federal COVID-19 emergency may be enrolled on the PA Nurse Aide Registry if they satisfy the following requirements: 

  1. Complete a training program and competency assessment authorized under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) COVID-19 pandemic waiver, including online training and an online examination; and 

  2. Have a minimum of 80 hours of nurse aide training or 80 hours of regular in-service nurse aide education; and  

  3. Demonstrate their skills competency to perform the duties of a nurse aide.  

A TNA must demonstrate skills competency in all areas outlined in Federal OBRA of 1987 and 42 CFR 483.152(b). This can be achieved one of three ways:

  1. Pass the PA nurse aide examination; OR 

  2. Be certified by a site administrator responsible for assessing the individual's skills competency as provided for in 42 CFR 483.152(b) as part of an approved apprenticeship program; OR 

  3. Complete an assessment in all areas of required nurse aide training as provided for in 42 CFR 483.152(b) (relating to requirements for approval of a nurse aide training and competency evaluation program) by the hiring entity. 

If you were hired as a TNA during the Federal emergency and wish to have your name enrolled on the PA Nurse Aide Registry, please work with your employer or apprenticeship sponsor to complete the attestation process. 

The attestation form allows you and your employer or apprenticeship sponsor to attest and declare to PDE that you meet the requisite eligibility requirements. It is also how PDE will determine whether you can be deemed as having satisfied the nurse aide training and competency evaluation program requirements to have your name enrolled on the PA Nurse Aide Registry.   

Instructions, answers to FAQs, and the Attestation Form are available below and via the Resources box on this page.  

Instructions for completing and submitting the Attestation Form via the Pearson VUE website

TNA Attestation Form (including list of skills) (PDF)

Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the TNA Pathway to becoming a Nurse Aide 

If you have additional questions that have not been addressed in the FAQs, please email them to the Pennsylvania Department of Education: 

*Under Act 138 of 2020, a temporary nurse aide is a "nurse aide who has been hired under the processes authorized according to Federal and State waivers provided under the Federal and State emergency declarations related to COVID-19."