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Accountability, Support, and School Improvement

Why is this important
A school accountability system must be fair and transparent to make appropriate determinations of school success.
Pennsylvania welcomes the opportunity to broaden measures of school performance provided by ESSA. In fact, Governor Wolf and Secretary Rivera have been leading an effort to do just that over the past two years and garnered the engagement and support of more than 1000 stakeholders from across the commonwealth in this effort.
Pennsylvania’s ESSA plan accelerates this work through the Future Ready PA Index, a new, public facing school report card that expands the number and breadth of indicators used to measure school performance and will improve the alignment between federally-required and state-identified indicators in ESSA. The Future Ready PA Index will provide transparent and publicly accessible data on academic achievement, academic growth, high school graduation rate, efforts to reduce chronic absenteeism, college and career readiness, and information on English learner proficiency, among other indicators.
Going forward, several accountability systems will co-exist in Pennsylvania.
Revisions to the final proposed plan: 
  • Revised the description of the Career Readiness measure
  • Clarified the explanation of the minimum N of 20
  • Added additional data in the Appendix showing school and student exclusions at alternate minimum Ns of 15 and 30
  • Added text describing that cut points for the achievement/growth plot in Step 1 of annual meaningful differentiation will be determined in the fall of 2018, based on 2016-17 and 2017-18 state assessment results
  • Added language clarifying the minimum exit criteria for Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) schools
  • Added language clarifying identification of Targeted Support and Intervention (TSI) schools
Read more about Accountability, Support, and School Improvement in Section 4 of the Pennsylvania ESSA Consolidated State Plan.