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Support Groups and Resources

Various organizations provide support for homeschoolers. The Support Groups and Resources list is provided as a link on the Home Education and Private Tutoring homepage. Inclusion in this list does not imply evaluation, review, or approval of any kind by PDE.

County and regional support groups for parents of homeschoolers are particularly welcomed to the list because they link together homeschool families in the same geographical area to share ideas, resources, and activities.

Support Groups are Listed in the Following Order

  1. County in PA
  2. Regional in PA
  3. Statewide
  4. National
  5. Worldwide

List Your Support Group

While PDE does not list individuals as resources, an organization may request to be included on the list by completing the Home Education Support Group Application and returning it for inclusion of their group on the website. The application is available on the Home Education and Private Tutoring homepage.