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​​Purple Star Schools​

The Purple Star School Program was passed into law on July 11, 2022, as the Purple Star School Program, Act of Jul. 11, 2022, P.L. 752, No. 69. 2022 Act 69 - PA General Assembly 

Purple Star Schools is a program that supports military-connected children as they relocate to new schools due to a parent's change in duty station. This designation is given to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and schools for their commitment to serving active-duty military families and students. Once LEAs and schools are approved, the Purple Star Designation will be for a term of three years. You can then renew the designation by reapplying.

Purple Star Schools Application Guidelines

The Purple Star Award recognizes schools that show a major commitment to students and families connected to our nation's military. Applications received after October 1st will be considered for the following year. Local education agencies (LEA) or schools can receive the Purple Star Award by submitting a completed application that meets the requirements as set forth in 2022 Act 69 - PA General Assembly.

  1. Designate a staff member as a military liaison. The military liaison shall have all the following duties:
    1. Identify all military-connected students enrolled in the public school/non-public school.
    2. Serve as the point of contact between the public/non-public school and military-connected students and the military-connected students' parents or guardians.
    3. Determine appropriate school services available to military-connected students.
    4. Assist in coordinating school programs relevant to military-connected students.

  2. Military-Connected Student Identification
    1. Describe the process the LEA or school uses to identify military-connected students including how the information is collected and reported at the LEA and school level.
    2. How many military-connected students are currently served in the LEA or school?
    3. How does the LEA or school determine appropriate school services that are available to military-connected students at the LEA or school and what are these services?
    4. Describe how the LEA or school assists in coordinating school programs relevant to military-connected students.

  3. LEA or school must maintain an easily accessible web page on the public/non-public school's publicly accessible website to provide resources for military-connected students and the military-connected students' parents or guardians, including information regarding all of the following:
    1. Relocation to the public/non-public school, enrollment at the public/non-public school, registration at the public/non-public school and transferring records to the public/non-public school.
    2. Academic planning, course sequences, and advanced classes available at the public/nonpublic school.
    3. Counseling and other support services available for military-connected students.

  4. Maintain a transition initiative led by students, when appropriate, that assists military-connected students in transitioning into the public/non-public school.

  5. Offer professional development for staff members on issues related to military-connected students.

  6. Offer at least one of the following initiatives:
    1. A resolution showing support for military-connected students and their parents or guardians.
    2. A commemoration of each month honoring active-duty military service members, including relevant events hosted by the public/non-public school.
    3. A partnership with a local military installation that provides opportunities for active-duty military service members to volunteer at the public/non-public school, speak at a school assembly, or host a school field trip.

The application window is open to apply for the 2025 Purple Star School​ designation from April 1, 2024 – August 1, 2024. To request an application, email with the following information:  

School or School District

For more information about the Military Interstate Compact Commission in Pennsylvania or the Purple Star Schools program, contact