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College Planning

Planning on attending college or post-secondary institution? Get connected with resources to find the path that's right for you and explore financing options.

Student Resources

U.S. Department of Education: College Information – General information on colleges and technical schools from the U.S. Department of Education.

List of Pennsylvania Colleges and Universities – EdNA can be used to find name, address, administrator, and related information about the educational entities that PDE serves.

Institution Program Search - Search for any education program at any postsecondary institution in the Commonwealth.

PHEAA - The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) is a national provider of student financial aid services, including grants, loans, and other funding opportunities.

PASmart – A statewide movement to ensure Pennsylvania students and workers have the skills and abilities to meet the economic needs of the 21st century, focusing on careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Collegeboard - College Board is a not-for-profit organization working to expand access to higher education.

Students with Disabilities

Military and Veteran Students

Adults and Returning Students

Which college has your major?

The following will allow you to search for any education program at any postsecondary institution in the Commonwealth, including The College of Technology, Community Colleges, Other Approved Schools, Other Colleges and Universities, Other Postsecondary Schools, Private Colleges and Universities, Private Licensed Schools, Private Two-year Colleges, State-Aided Institutes, State-Related Commonwealth Universities, and State Universities. Institution Program Search

Safety and Scam Avoidance

FTC: How to Avoid a Student Loan Debt Relief Scam

Warning on Student Loan Forgiveness Scams from the PA Department of Banking and Securities

FTC: Avoiding Fake Degrees

Closed Institutions

Students who attended a college, university or seminary that has closed should contact the Division of Higher Education, Access, and Equity at 717-783-8228 or for information about records.